The Redskins and Albert Haynesworth (left) should compromise so he can put his helmet on and play. Photo by Mike Frandsen.

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth did not play in last Sunday’s 30-27 overtime loss to the Houston Texans, reportedly because of a sprained ankle. At least that’s what the Redskins say.

However, Haynesworth was listed as questionable before the game, and players listed as questionable play more often than not, even though questionable is supposed to indicate a 50% chance of playing.

Haynesworth reportedly was walking fine this week at practice, so Washington may have held him out to prevent an injury that would have hurt his trade value.  Or maybe the Redskins wanted to show Haynesworth who is boss.  Or Haynesworth may have exaggerated the injury.

Whatever the case, the sides need to stop playing games.  The Redskins could have used Haynesworth Sunday against Houston to help out a pass rush that got five sacks, but allowed Matt Schaub to pass for 497 yards.  Washington needs Haynesworth to get to the quarterback, or to clog up linemen so that other Redskins can get to the QB.

Even a disgruntled, banged up Haynesworth is worth playing at least 15 snaps per game. Washington needs to play its best players. The Redskins should play Haynesworth, not trade him.

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