Even now, days after the fourth season finale of The Walking Dead ended, you may still hear faint echoes of yourself reverberating in the walls around you. “Come on!” you’d shout as the credits began to roll. There’s so much more story to tell, so many questions left unanswered that a part of you still feels left in shock. Collectively, we are all forced to wait in anticipation in the coming months until we can get our “walker” fix back and ultimately…answers to the questions left in the open.

If you haven’t watched all of the episodes thus far, you’re about to encounter a world of spoilers. None of the questions posed below have any knowledge of the comic books behind them, so you don’t have to worry about those kind of spoilers.


Regaining Freedom

When we left off our team of heroes, they were all led together, one by one, into a lone boxcar, locked in the dark together…for some unknown purpose. Outside, gun-wielding men and women alike guard the boxcar from rooftops, unwilling to let the team escape. How are they going to go about regaining their freedom? Even if they can get out of the boxcar (which, I suppose, I’m only ASSUMING is locked), how do they get passed the militia holding them there?

There are a number of possibilities that could happen, as usual. Could Tyrese come to the rescue, or will Rick and the rest of the gang in the boxcar be forced to fend for themselves, weaponless and hungry?

Terminus Creepiness

One major question is…what is going on with the creepy people of Terminus? They appear to be little more than loving hippies on the outside, allowing people into their compound, making them feel safe, but then at some point things go bad…really bad. They steal things from their prisoners, as we saw with the riot gear, watch and poncho…but is it as simple as getting supplies from travelers they’ve duped into coming there? WHY do they let people in? What’s their ultimate goal? Why not steal their gear and let them go? Why not just kill them and get on with their lives? Why are they being kept in what appears to be…storage? We saw a big room with candles and writing all over the walls. Are they maybe some sort of coven? Is there devil worship going on there? What if they are really a pack of cannibals? Every time we see them, they are always cooking on a grill…where does all that meat come from? Animals? Human flesh? Think about a season of The Walking Dead with two kinds of flesh-eating monsters, one of them being a monster that knows exactly what they’re doing…if that doesn’t give you the shudders…I’m not sure what will.


To add to the creepiness, there’s the matter of the woman cooking when the first group got to Terminus. I believe her name is Mary. You might recall she had her long hair braided down one side of her head. She bares a striking resemblance to the woman in the painting Michonne found in the house she and Carl were searching. You remember the house, right? The one with the people dead in the kids room? The painting looked as though someone wasn’t happy with the person it depicted.


There’s Michonne and the painting. I didn’t put together this comparison image, but it’s certainly worth sharing. Perhaps the similar appearance is a coincidence, but it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to think that the two women – Mary The Cook and the woman depicted in the painting – might be something more than just foreshadowing.


Where’s Beth?

Beth showed up in the second season of the show, yet her importance really presented itself this last season. In some ways, this was her best season. We really started to connect with her when she was on the road with Daryl. Her character was complex, as she fought to remember an easier time. Who can’t appreciate the girl trying desperately to have her first alcoholic drink? Then all of a sudden she was gone. Not dead, just…gone. The last we saw of her, Beth was presumably in the back of a car, speeding away from Daryl. Was it what she wanted to do? Was she kidnapped? Will Liam Neeson need to bust out his particular set of skills to get her back? Or is she dead, never to be seen or heard from again? The show is so complex and supremely written that it’s not easy to predict, yet it is so easy to satisfy.

Tyrese / Carol / Judith

There hasn’t been a lot of the Tyrese story recently, but what there has been…has been explosively tense. Come on, the child who tries to befriend zombies because she can “hear” what they are saying? Who kills her own younger sister to prove to everyone else that walkers are good? It’s so messed up, and so Walking Dead, and the one thing we haven’t seen…not really…is how that affects the lives of Tyrese and Carol? Carol had to kill a child. That changes people. Also, Tyrese now knows about what Carol did to his family…is he really going to forgive her? Is that entire plotline over? It’s possible, but you never know with this show. The main question is…are they going to find Terminus, and if they do…what will happen next?

Which cast member is next to die?

It’s no secret that this show is one of the biggest and boldest shows on right now. It doesn’t care how important a character is. No one is safe. Ever. We were given hints that Rick was dead earlier this season, as well as a bloody baby’s car seat, making us fear the worst for Judith. Either the show is going to kill someone off soon, or they are going to continue to mess with our heads thinking someone is dead. The fact of the matter is, we haven’t had a major death in a few episodes (mainly speaking of a certain decapitation), so it’s a safe bet to say…someone’s going to die. I’m willing to bet it’ll happen in Terminus too.


Assuming they get out of Terminus, is D.C. their next stop?

Washington D.C. was spoken about multiple times in the recent episodes. Why? Because apparently some people know what caused the outbreak in the first place, and D.C. was where they needed to go to maybe…find a cure? If they are to find a way out of Terminus, and they do head to Washington D.C. what will they find? What is the cause of the virus? Will they find a cure? Will their quest and release of the cure be the end of the series as a whole? So many questions. The more questions we have, the more excited we get for the show to come back.

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