Yes, you read that correctly. Army of Two, the series that never really could reach it’s potential, is making a comeback this time under the watchful eye of Visceral Games. Ok, not the Dead Space, Redwood Shores group, but the off shoot studio located in Montreal.

Known as “The Devil’s Cartel”, the third installment sees Salem and Rios Operatives Alpha and Bravo fight below the border in a drug war in Mexico. What’s better is that DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine is being used for the game so I’d expect plenty of tense, stunning moments and hopefully some destructability like DICE does with their Battlefield games. EA considers this game a reboot and aims to deliver a more serious, mature, and intense game than the previous two. This probably means that fist bumps and other “bro” moves are out. This could also be the reason why series mainstays, Salem and Rios, are out as well. I just hope that the two new guys aren’t as generic as their names may hint at.

While I enjoyed the first game and ended up passing on the second, I think the series needed to be a bit more grounded and focused. It can be said that the previous games in the series had great ideas, just never lived up to the expectations. It seems Visceral is thinking the same thing, removing some (all?) of the “Bro-ness” aspect of the past games and instead focus on the core third person gameplay while keeping the stuff that works like the customization. While it’s not on my “must have” list right now, what I have seen intrigues me and I’ll be watching this one closely as we lead up to it’s release in March, 2013.

Since Game Informer released the information, they also have a first look video which I’ve included below for your viewing pleasure.


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