Happy March, everyone! It’s March Madness, as they say, and the madness has already begun.

We go to Charlottesville, Virginia where Syracuse is visiting the University of Virginia in their freshman year in the ACC. And to get all the fans planning on attending pumped up and on the same page, the @UVAEquipment on twitter sent out this little gem.


Oops? There’s so much “fail” in this one little ad, where do we begin? First of all, THE University of Virginia apparently doesn’t know how to spell Virginia. Either that, or Virgina is about to become the 51st state.

Then there’s the actual concept. UVA, that proud institution created by founding father and former president Thomas Jefferson, is going to have everyone wear orange against….the Syracuse Orange.

There’s something to be said for being a gracious host, I guess.

Here’s the ad just in photo form and not embedded in a tweet: