Some people like their mouth to burn while eating, or at the very least tingle a little bit.  That’s why hot wings, Warheads candy and some varieties of Thai / Indian food have become increasingly popular with Americans over the past couple decades.

In my quest to find good food, I came across the Red Hot variety of chips from Utz, so I picked up a bag to see what they had to offer.

My initial purchase was a small bag from a gas station, but after eating half of them, I added the Utz Red Hot chips to my grocery list.

Among the different varieties of “hot” chips I’ve had, the Utz brand were definitely a little spicier (while not being too spicy to enjoy) and had a good flavor – a bit of sugar, I believe, which is always nice in a potato chip.

The more I eat of these chips, the more I’m realizing that their true value might be in coordination with other chips, mixed in a bowl.  It’s hard to eat more than a few of the Utz chips at a time – as I’m not a huge fan of my mouth being on fire like some people are – but they’re a nice addition to a medley of chips – definitely to include BBQ (especially the Route 11 BBQ chips – the smokey mixed with the sweet hot of the Utz… good combination).

If you like spicy food, you’re likely to really enjoy the Utz Red Hot.  They’ve got some good flavor and the understated sweetness of the chips make them very enjoyable.  The hotness isn’t too hot, though after a few it certainly builds up.