I’m a professional wrestling fan and I’m not going to apologize for it. It’s the soap opera for guys and if you can suspend your disbelief enough to read a book, you might as well be willing to give professional wrestling a go, certainly if you enjoy acrobatics and attractive women getting physical.

On Sunday the 21st, just days away, we get a pay per view called DESTINATION X, presented by TNA Wrestling, which currently employs legendary Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, the near-legendary Sting, not to mention the Olympic gold medalist wrestler Kurt Angle and the mega popular Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy.

As I don’t wish people to only hear my views, I decided to put my interviewing prowess at work and speak to a friend of mine about the upcoming event.

What’s your gut feeling about Destination X?

It’s stacked! Nine matches… when was the last TNA PPV you saw where 5 out of the 6 titles were being defended?

Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Which one is left out.

The Knockouts Tag Titles.

They could’ve probably done a title defense by having The Beautiful People vs Angelina Love & a partner of her choosing.

They could have, but the card is pretty full already.

No doubt. What are they going with for the Global Championship, Rob Terry vs Brutus Magnus?

Yeah. I predict Rob Terry to retain.

So you’re not a Rob Terry hater?

I’m not a HUGE fan of him.. but I like him more than Brutus Magnus.

That name just kills me. Do you think Rob Terry is showing any signs of improving his in-ring skills?

He’s shown a little.

So you think this is a case of Hogan liking the fact that Big Rob has more muscles than anyone else in the business right now? Is he this generation’s Lex Luger?

I think so.

I don’t hate him, but I also don’t know if it’s a great idea to leave one of the championship belts on him… though I don’t put too much stock in that Global Title anyway.

I also think Tara will beat Daffney to retain her championship.

You don’t think Daffney will get a run with the Knockouts belt starting at the event?

I just don’t know if Daffney is quite ready. She disappeared off TV for the longest time and all the sudden started trickling back and being on the heels off that horrible Abyss/Dr. Stevie feud.. I don’t know.. I think just one more month or two and Daffney should have it.

I’m really liking what Daff’s bringing to the scene, though.

Yeah, i do too.. i just think the past few PPVs the title has been thrown around like a hotcake, especially with ODB and Tara.

That’s a good point. The fact that she’s Zombie Hot shouldn’t mean they HAVE to give her gold. How about the match I’m most looking forward to – the Ultimate X match between the Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me.

My prediction? Machine Guns will win Ultimate X.

Since that’s a number one contenders match to the tag titles, I’ll get right to it, what are your thoughts on the tag title situation? Do Hernandez & Matt Morgan drop the straps to Beer… Money Inc. ?

No… for some reason, I think that Morgan/Hernandez will retain and start an extended feud with Machine Guns.

So you don’t think the friction between Morgan / The Man They Call Super Mex will amount to anything?

Oh yeah.. there will be friction.. I don’t know.. I’m kinda up in the air about that match.. my gut is just telling me that Morgandez retains.

If MMG win the Ultimate X match (like you’ve predicted) and feud with Morgandez, which team would be the heels?

Probably Morgandez, I would say… i mean, their tensions are rising.. I think they would be the heels.

Could Matt Morgan as a heel and Hernandez trying to stay face be the reason for things boiling over with Morgandez?

Oh yeah, definitely.

I could enjoy that as a slow burn feud. How about the X-Division Title match?

It’s likely to be Doug Williams beating Shannon Moore to retain.

You don’t think Shannon Moore is going to make a big splash and win the X-Division belt in his TNA re-debut?

It’s possible. All these re-debuts and debuts are throwing me off. (laughs)

I’m honestly not as interested in that match. Doug Williams is a talented wrestler, but personality wise he’s very vanilla. It’s kinda obvious that Kaz is going to win the ladder match and be the challenger to Doug Williams at Lockdown, right?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinkng, like the match ORIGINALLY was supposed to be at Destination X.

I had forgotten that Kaz was already the #1 contender going into Impact the other week. Who all is in the ladder match (at Destination X) with Kaz?

Daniels, Amazing Red and THE Brian Kendrick.

I like the potential for a Daniels vs Kaz feud, and eventually Kendrick vs Kaz. The ladder match should be insane.

Oh yeah, without a doubt.

I know I’m not supposed to like Sean Waltman (especially since this would only mark the second time it’s happened in his career that I’ve enjoyed his work – see: NWO / Buzzkill) nor Scott Hall (who I’ve grown to despise with his string of no-shows / let-downs), but I’m really liking the possibility of them being more involved with TNA.

I’m really thinking that Eric Young and Kevin Nash are going to beat “The Band” (Waltman and Hall), and even though the rules state it, I think Hall/Waltman will hang around. I could really see them losing and still hanging around causing hell anyway.. basically saying “Screw rules, we do what we want”

What are the odds that Eric Young and Nash get themselves disqualified against The Band?

To be honest I didn’t even think bout that possibility.

It would be a way to let EY & Nash get the moral victory but also allow Hall & Waltman to stick around. Another part of me thinks that there’s always the chance that Nash could turn on EY, or someone could show up to help Hall & Nash win. Either of those seem likely to happen? Scott Steiner’s still out there somewhere….

I would think it’s more likely to see the latter happening, someone coming to help Hall and Waltman win. Steiner might be a possibility, or even Booker T.

So long as it’s not Buff Bagwell, I think we’re okay.

I hope it’s not. I would cry.

What’s your prediction in the match between Ken Anderson and Kurt Angle?

I’d say Mr. Anderson will beat Angle to continue that feud.

You don’t think Kurt Angle will beat Mr. Anderson? How much longer can they realistically stretch this feud out? I feel like it has been going on forever already. I’d like to see Ken Anderson lose by count out, and then lead to Angle winning at Lockdown inside the Four Sides of Steel.

I just don’t see it being over yet, and really the ONLY way for it to continue is for Mr. Anderson to win.

I don’t know if it’s a personality clash or what, but I’m just getting tired of Kurt vs Ken and I’m ready to see something else. I definitely don’t see Anderson tapping out at Destination X. It’s more likely that he’d use some sort of weapon to knock Angle out long enough to get a pinfall. Either way, it almost has to extend to Lockdown.

I’d agree with you on that.

How do you feel about the World Title match?

I feel like AJ is going to retain against Abyss BECAUSE… I think D’Angelo Dinero will be the one to topple AJ at Lockdown

With Dinero getting the guaranteed shot at Lockdown, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to face Abyss, though I kinda wonder if it might be a multi-person match. On to the more important question: You think D’Angelo Dinero is the future TNA World Champion?

Yeah, I do.

That’s a pretty bold statement. You think he’s ready to lead the company?

He may be. He’s talented in the ring, has good mic skills.. and look how over he is with the crowd.

I guess from one perspective, if not Pope, then who?

If not Pope… Maybe Angle, if he gets another shot.. or… RVD.

I think RVD or Hardy are the best option to dethrone AJ.

The problem with Hardy.. is I don’t know how long he is going to be around.

You’ve definitely got a point, especially with the legal issues he’s facing. All in all, I think this huge reign is good for AJ, and it’s good for TNA.

Yeah, it definitely is.