College football games are always rowdy, but they might get even more so at the University of Minneosta this fall. That’s because the University regents approved a resolution yesterday to sell beer at TCF Bank Stadium for football games. Depending on which vendor is chosen, wine may also be available. However, there will no be no hard liquor sold.

Not before Gopher fans get all excited about being able to drink before, during and after games, there is a catch. Well several catches actually. Beer will only be sold from two stands on the west side of the stadium, which is farthest away from the student section. This is most likely a good decision because college students generally are already loaded before they come in and who knows what shenanigans will ensue if they had access to more. Not that underage ones would get it easily and I’m sure the University will charge an absurd amount for one beer. So not something a poor college student could really afford.

The University projects that this will generate an additional $1 million to $1.5 million in sales. The resolution came about as a compromise between school officials and state legislators, because alcohol sales had only been allowed in stadium suites. Concerns were raised that this only allowed fans who had the money to sit in luxury suites the opportunity to purchase. After the team went 3-9 last year, Gopher fans will have a way to drown their sorrows.