As today is his birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce more people with Sean Bean. He is best known to the masses for his role in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy OR for his work in the recent Game Of Thrones series, but you’ve likely seen him in far more than just those films. He’s the type of actor who hadn’t been cast in the lead role very frequently in the past (especially in American films), but with his recent success with GoT, that’s likely to change. This oft-supporting actor is going to be mainstream in the coming future.

Here’s some of his other work you should check out – either for the first time, or go back and see that he was in them:

EQUILIBRIUM (2002) – Partridge

One of my favorite movies that no one talks about. Christian Bale in a futuristic movie with better gun-play than most action flicks.

GOLDENEYE (1995) – Alec Trevelyan

Can’t go wrong with a Bond flick.

TROY (2004) – Odysseus

Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom probably stick out in most peoples memory, but they weren’t the only actors of note in this epic.

RONIN (1998) – Spence

With De Niro, Jean Reno and Stellan Skarsgard, how can you go wrong?

PATRIOT GAMES (1992) – Sean Miller

You’ll have to go back and watch again to realize it was him.

I’m sure I haven’t seen all of his great work, so feel encouraged to share some of your favorites in a comment!

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