A look back at the career of The Ultimate Warrior was a good idea upon his being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Now with the news of his passing just hours after appearing on the RAW after WrestleMania, it’s a necessity.

The best way to honor The Ultimate Warrior is to look back at some of his work and appreciate some of the moments over a historic career. I don’t maintain that these are his best matches, but rather, just some matches that I felt were worth watching for one reason or another.

The Ultimate Warrior’s Debut

He didn’t run to the ring, and his opponent wasn’t a big name, but the WWF debut of The Ultimate Warrior is a great place to start on this list. It even features his first promo, complete with a great introduction from Gorilla Monsoon.

Ultimate Warrior vs Andre The Giant

It may have only occurred on an edition of WWF’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, but it’s a meeting of two iconic figures of the past 50 years. The match between Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant is absolutely a match that all wrestling fans should watch.

Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker

This was one of my favorite feuds as a kid, and The Ultimate Warrior getting put into a casket was one of the big reasons why I was afraid of The Undertaker when I was young.

In order to help get beyond the fears he might have when attempting to defeat The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior enlisted the help of Jake “The Snake” Roberts to face fear in multiple forms.

And of course, the segments you just watched lead to a match between the two. Instead of a casket match, they went the bodybag route.

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage

There were several matches between Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage that we could draw upon. One from WrestleMania, another from SummerSlam, but I really enjoy this gem, which is from 1989 and isn’t one that many are likely to have seen:

Here’s a promo between the two, featuring a cameo from another one of wrestling history’s list of greats:

Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude

After what you saw from the match between Warrior and Savage, I thought it only appropriate to share this Saturday Night’s Main Event video of a match between The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude:

Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most iconic showdowns in WrestleMania history, the bout between Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior and WWF Champion Hulk Hogan.

The announcement:

The contract signing:

Warrior’s Pre-Match Promo:

The Match:

Unfortunately, the full match isn’t available on YouTube, though I was able to find highlight clips from the match. Chances are good that you’ve seen the match in its entirety before, and if you haven’t, you’re likely a WWE Network subscriber and can view it there.

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R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior, 2014