In terms of the way someone can be insulted, this is probably near the top of the list. When The Cleveland Browns say that someone’s not good enough to play Quarterback for them, that’s saying something, and that’s exactly what they told Brock Osweiler today when they didn’t just bench him, they CUT him from their team.

When it comes to the Quarterback position, the Cleveland Browns haven’t had success in finding someone to take the helm of the team to lead them in a successful direction. And when you look at the list of guys who they’ve tried… it’s a lengthy list.

Brock Osweiler was supposed to be different. He was drafted by the Broncos to be the heir apparent to Peyton Manning. Then when he had a chance to get his next contract, he left for “greener pastures”, by which I obviously mean MORE MONEY, because a situation like what The Broncos had (he knew the offense, had great weapons to utilize, and an all-time great defense) was a great situation to be in. Once the spotlight was on Brock in Houston, he couldn’t lead the Texans to the promised land, and he got shipped off to Cleveland.

The writing was on the wall that his time with the Browns wasn’t going to be easy when they announced that they took Osweiler in the trade, but what they really valued in the transaction were the two draft picks they got (6th rounder in 2017 and a 2nd rounder in 2018).

And now Osweiler has failed to prove himself more valuable than Cody Kessler and rookie DeShone Kizer, so he’s out.

Not good enough to QB the Cleveland Browns. THAT is a huge insult! He didn’t even make it onto the infamous “jersey”!

Folks, this is a team who brought in Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III. THEY played QB for the Cleveland Browns.