UFC Hall of Fame legend Randy Couture attended the NFL combine this weekend in Indianapolis, though he wasn’t there to show scouts what he can do. He was there to try to show young players what he might be able to do for them.

Randy runs a gym called Xtreme Couture where many athletes – MMA and NFL – go for strength and conditioning work. In fact, one of the top defensive players in the league – Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen – has adopted the training and can’t say enough good things about it.

I think it’s going to be the most important thing I did to help my career. It totally changed my entire workout regimen. It’s so much easier on the body than running and all that stuff that puts impact on your joints. Plus, it’s fun. You won’t get burnt out doing the same old running and hills. You’ll push yourself further than you ever anticipated.

If Couture is successful in expanding his client base, the NFL is going to evolve through new techniques learned through mixed martial arts training – not uncommon in the history of the league given Reggie White’s martial arts training. The world of mixed martial arts is likely to change as well, with more ex-football players joining the landscape.