Yesterday it was announced that UFC 152 would see Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida. Well earlier this morning it was announced Lyoto Machida turned down the fight. Stating it wasn’t enough time to train, a full statement is expected later today.

While announcing this the UFC announced that Vitor Belfort would replace him and will fight Jon Jones on September 22nd.

Since yesterday the Middleweight division has quickly come out looking like the best employees in the world. 4 fighters from the division offered to step up to help the UFC. Anderson Silva, The MW champ, offered to fight at UFC 151, unfortunately he was to late in letting the UFC know. Chael Sonnen and Chris Weidman stepped up to fight Jon Jones before the UFC cancelled the card. Vitor Belfort has stepped up to fight Jon Jones after Lyoto Machida declined the fight.

So where are all the LHW fighters at? Why aren’t they stepping up?

Everyone knows that weight cutting is a big part of the training camp. Let’s say on average that a fighter has to cut 30 pounds before the weigh-in day. So for the middleweight fighters that puts them at 215 pounds. For the light heavyweight fighters that puts them at 235. 30 pounds would be a lot to cut in 28 days, and even tougher, near impossible in 8 days. Where the middleweight guys would only have to cut 10 pounds in those time frames.

That’s one thought on it. Plus 3 of the 4 fighters that offered to fight have fought at light heavyweight before. Weidman is the only one that hasn’t before.

Also, where is Jon Jones in all this. Why hasn’t he come out and made a statement. Yesterday Dana White and Chael Sonnen were on Sportscenter. But the champ has yet to release anything.