UFC 151 has been cancelled. Dana White announced this today on a media conference call. Dan Henderson was forced to pull out of his fight with Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones. Henderson suffered a partially torn MCL.

First off I wish Dan Henderson a speedy and healthy recovery and can’t wait to see him fight again.

After that was announced is when pretty much all hell broke loose. Dana White said that Chael Sonnen stepped up and said he would fight Jon Jones on 8 days notice.

This would be Chael’s first fight at light heavyweight since October 7th, 2005. (He is scheduled to return to LHW and fight Forrest Griffin in December of this year)

The problem is Jon Jones told Dana White that he doesn’t want to fight Chael on such short notice.

Now in my opinion I don’t see why he wouldn’t. Chael isn’t know for his striking, he is known for his wrestling. Dan Henderson on the other hand is known for both his knockout power in both hands and his wrestling. So Jones wouldn’t have to worry about Chael’s striking and Chael would be coming in without even really training for the fight. So why not make some money and have your best opportunity to beat a Chael.

With Jon Jones saying he didn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen. The UFC decided to cancel the event, seeing as there wasn’t another fight on the card that could be the main event of a PPV card.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for Jon Jones from a PR perspective. There isn’t another UFC event until September 22nd, which is when he will fight Lyoto Machida for the second time

Just last week Jon Jones told ESPN that he didn’t want to fight Lyoto Machida again. Then on the conference call this past Tuesday to promote his fight against Dan Henderson he said

“I refuse to be a broke athlete when I retire, so I don’t apologize for being aware of pay-per-view sales, and being business savvy,”

So he wants to make some money. Can’t blame him. Especially since you can’t be an MMA fighter your entire life.

and then a little later during the same call he said,

“Originally I joined this sport because I wanted to make it; it was survival mode. And when I met my coaches it became more than money, it became about warrior spirit. And so I can sit here and truthfully say that I had both. I had business savvy and I have a street warrior spirit.”

So he wants to make money, but still has a street warrior spirit. If you are a street warrior do you have 8 days to prepare for an opponent. No.

So you can say he contradicted himself when he turned down the Chael Sonnen fight. He would have made money and he would have showed he has the street warrior spirit by taking the fight. Jon Jones told Dana White that he talked to his coach, Greg Jackson, and Jackson allegedly told Jones that ” This would be the biggest mistake of his life.”

Do I blame Jon Jones for not taking this fight.   No

Am I disappointed that the card was cancelled because Jon Jones turned down the fight against Chael.   Yes

It doesn’t just affect Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen, or the UFC. It affects the other fighters that were scheduled to fight on that card. It affects the fans, that already had hotels, flights, and tickets paid for. It also affects the local Las Vegas economy. It has such a ripple affect that isn’t even thought about.
This is the first time since Zuffa took over the UFC that they have had to cancel an event. It’s a sad day, but I’m sure it will be talked about and perhaps something the UFC can try to avoid by always having a strong co-main event fight.