CAIN ENABLE: Cain Velasquez had a huge chip on his shoulder after losing his Heavyweight title to Junior Dos Santos. Last night, Bigfoot Silva's nose got the brunt end of that frustration.

The open-ended parameters of the Heavyweight division allow for some real characters to enter the Octagon. Last night we had some of the tallest (Stefan Struve), fattest (Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson), and ugliest (Antonio Silva) fighters in the history of the sport in action in Las Vegas. Once again, the UFC delivered. And, once again, I have a thought or two about the event’s action.

Containing the Mayhem

I love ‘Mayhem’ Miller, but it’s time for him to hang up the gloves. Of all the guys who entered the octagon last night, Miller by far looked the most overwhelmed. He looked old, tired, and vulnerable, and I remind you Roy Nelson also fought last night.

Miller’s mid-fight noogies and post-punch hijinks make for great television, but there’s a reason he hasn’t been the most successful fighter in his class. It’s about time the UFC realize the eccentric Miller is more of a sideshow and release him from his contract, which they will undoubtedly do.

On a semi-related note, C.B. Dollaway continues to fail to impress me. He’s been a favorite target of the “overrated” label, but…how does that saying go? If the boot fits. Put simply, Dollaway fought a middle-aged television personality last night and still need the judges to hand him the victory. I really don’t see too many Maincards in this guy’s future.

How Stefan Got his Struve Back

When Struve took the ring last night in his first PPV event since getting Superman Punched by Travis Browne in a devastating KO, that loss had to be bouncing around in the back of the Skyscraper’s mind. So it seems almost fittingĀ  that Struve pounced on Lavar Johnson like a 6’11” fly trap and squeezed the life out of that arm.

There is no selling short how BIG the 6’11” Struve is to his class, but Lavar Johnson was quickly becoming a limelight favorite for the brand. Not only did he capture a victory in the two UFC on Fox specials he fought in, he captured Knockout of the Night honors in both bouts. In terms of momentum, Johnson’s stock in the UFC was absolutely skyrocketing heading into last night.

And yet, Struve needed less than a round to put an end to all that. But what I like even more about Struve’s game now is his recent shift in HOW he’s winning his fights. Before last October, the last time Struve submitted an opponent was Chase Gormley two years earlier. Now Struve has two submissions in his last three fights. It looks like the monstrous Dutchman is rediscovering what I believe is the strongest aspect of his game and I wouldn’t be surprised if Struve stays in PPV events for the foreseeable future.

No ‘Country’ for Herman

When Roy Nelson lost to Fabricio Werdum in February, his third in four fights, I thought the gimmick that was ‘Big Country’ Nelson was finally over. Who could blame me? He didn’t LOOK like a fighter, he lost just about every time he didn’t finish the contest in the first round, and, at 35, he wasn’t getting any younger.

Well, I was wrong. I don’t think he’ll ever win the Heavyweight title (I mean, will anyone now that Dos Santos has it?), but Roy Nelson won’t be bowing out of the UFC anytime soon. Dave Herman is a solid heavyweight contender that, before last night, hadn’t lost back-to-back fights. In fact, before the new year, Herman had a pro record of 21-2. But his prospects in the UFC look drastically different now and Roy Nelson had a lot to do with that.

I still believe Nelson has some glaring holes to his game (namely his stamina), but one cannot take three first round knockouts in seven UFC fights lightly. Love him or hate him, Nelson has some big victories under his belt. And, with that waist, there’s plenty of room for more.

What Doesn’t Kill You

There’s no underselling how devastating that one-minute knockout to Junior Dos Santos in primetime back in November was to Cain Velasquez. After defeating Antonio Nogueira for a shot at the Heavyweight Title than TKO’ing Brock Lesnar to TAKE the belt, it seemed like Velasquez was on top of the world. Boy, how short-lived was that feeling?

So when Velasquez took on Bigfoot last night, you had to wonder how Cain would react to such a quick and shocking loss. Somewhere in the massive pool of blood he knocked out of Antonio Silva, we found our answer. Make no mistake, Velasquez is just as dangerous a fighter as we thought he was back in November. He’ll be back gunning to reclaim the title soon enough and some fans have to already be dreaming about a Velasquez-Dos Santos II bout.

Nobody’s Junior

How good is Junior Dos Santos. After disposing of Frank Mir in the second round, his professional record now stands at 15-1 and he remains undefeated in the UFC. Not only that, but his conquests within the brand has left a who’s-who list of victims. Velasquez. Carwin. Nelson. Filipovic. Struve. Verdum. Dos Santos took the title last fall and, with the way he’s been finishing fights, there’s no telling when he might give it up.

As we were reminded last night, even the best grapplers struggle to take down this man. That’s concerning because, while standing, Junior Dos Santos appears to be virtually immortal. The next big test for Junior will undoubtedly be Alistair Overeem. A striker with killer instinct in his own right, if Dos Santos can dispose of him, he will have defeated just about every relevant contender still in line for the title.