UFC 145 is taking place in Atlanta and is available on PPV. You can also order it through your computer or XBOX Live. The PPV portion of the card starts at 10 P.M. The prelim part starts at 8 pm. And there are two fights available to watch on Facebook through the UFC page. This card features a very personal light heavyweight title match between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, along with some other fights that are significant in their weight classes.

Light Heavyweight Championship
Jon Jones (Champion) vs Rashad Evans

This fight is personal for both of these fighters. They use to train together at Greg Jackson’s camp in New Mexico, and said they would never fight each other. Jon Jones has said before that he use to look up to Rashad Evans. Ever since Jon Jones said he would fight Rashad Evans after Jones beat Shogun Rua to win the belt, Evans has felt disrespected and betrayed by Jones. This fight is one that has been in the making for a year now, and every chance they got they would trash talk about one another. Evans has even gone into the ring after Jones’ last two fights and stared Jones down.

This is a fight where both fighters need to check their emotions at the cage door and use their skills to win.

Jon Jones is a big Light Heavyweight and will have a significant reach advantage over Rashad Evans.

Rashad Evans is the more accomplished wrestler and will be the strongest wrestler Jones has faced yet.

I’ll give the striking advantage to Jones, especially with his elbows. The thing people forget about is that Rashad has some serious power behind all of his strikes. With Rashad’s wrestling pedigree and backround it’s something that you can try to train for but don’t really know the different takedown attempts that he will try. Jones has barely ever been on his back and it’s something you can prepare for but, are never really ready for. I think the game plan for Rashad is to try to weaken Jones’ legs with leg kicks take down Jones and ground and pound.

Jones’ game plan will probably be to use his reach to his advantage and stay out of the clinch unless he is able to push Rashad up against the cage and use his elbows and go for a submission. I’m going to give the mental edge to Rashad, he has been in Jon Jones’ head forever now and when that cage door shuts, Rashad Evans will be able to turn off the emotions and turn on the game plan.

I’m going to pick Rashad to win this fight. I think his wrestling is to good for Jones and he will get this fight to the ground and control it on the ground.

Rory MacDonald vs Che Mills

Rory MacDonald is looking to turn his 2 win fight streak into 3 and keep climbing up the ladder in the Welterweight class. While Che Mills is looking to stay undefeated in the UFC and get his 2nd win. Rory MacDonald will look to use his Jiu-jitsu and get this fight to the ground and go for the submission. Che Mills has shown incredible striking power and speed, while not afraid to go to the ground and look for a submission. This is a very interesting match up as both guys have shown over their careers in both the UFC and other organizations that they like to win via KO/TKO and by submission. I’m going to pick Che Mills to win this fight.

Brendan Schaub vs Ben Rothwell

Brendan Schaub will look to bounce back after a loss that ended a 4 fight win streak against Ben Rothwell, who is also looking to bounce back after a loss.

Ben Rothwell is a well-rounded fighter and is a tough opponent for Brendan Schaub who is becoming known for packing power in his punches and not being afraid to takedown an opponent if he needs to. I see this fight being a good fashion brawl to begin with and if it makes it past the first round then it will become a fight where they will look to throw some punches and look to take each other down.

I’m going to go with Brendan Schaub winning this fight, I think he will be able to stuff Ben Rothwell’s takedown attempts and will be able to outstrike Rothwell.

Miguel Angel Torres vs Michael McDonald

Miguel Angel Torres looks to prove he is worth the UFC bringing him back after they fired him for some conterversial tweets. Michael McDonald will look to move to 5-0 and be the next in-line for the bantamweight title.  The thing McDonald has to be careful about is that Torres is very good at getting submissions from his back. He has 4 wins via submission, out of his 8 wins in the WEC/UFC, while not scoring one takedown. Torres also has some very nasty knees, if he gets you in a clinch he will look to knock you out with his knees. McDonald also has KO power and is very quick to adapt his game plan to how the fight is going. I’m going to pick Miguel Angel Torres to win this fight.

Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin

Mark Hominick will look to bounce back after losing his last 2 fights, one of those was against the featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Eddie Yagin will look to win get his first win in the UFC after losing his debut. Mark Hominick loves to stand and bang. He definetly has the advantage in the strike game. Eddie Yagin’s favorite way to win the fight is by submitting his opponents with a guillotine choke. He will be looking to get this fight on the ground and use his submission skills to end the fight. Mark Hominick has the advantage in experience in the UFC. I’m going to pick Hominick to win this fight.

Mark Bocek vs John Alessio

John Alessio took this fight on short notice. He stepped in when Mark Bocek’s orginal opponent, Matt Wiman,  had to back out of the fight on April 3rd.  This will be John Alessio’s first fight in the UFC since 2009. Both men will be looking to get the win and move up in the stacked lightweight division. Mark Bocek is a very techincal ground specialist while John Alessio  has been submitted 7 out of his 14 losses. While Bocek has won 7 of his 14 fights via submission. I am picking Bocek to win this fight, his takedowns and ground game will prove to be to much for Alessio.