During the weigh-ins for UFC 144 in Japan. Rampage came in at 211 pounds. The light
heavyweight class is 205 but for nonchampionship fights it is allowed to weigh one
pound over. So Rampage came in 5 pounds over weight. After the weigh-ins he was
asked about being overweight at he said 

    "I was injured during the training camp and I wasn't able to get my road work
in. Luckily my injury healed and I wasn't forced to pull out of the fight."

Rampage is known for fighting while injured and never backing out of a fight. Now he
also had a long flight from California to Japan and talked about this.

    " When I got off the flight I weighted a lot heavier then I had planned, I
didn't really eat. I only had a few snacks that I had brought on the flight with

So whether the flight or the injury or a combination of both played a factor into
him missing the weight by that much, he missed weight and it's going to cost him 20%
of his purse. That 20% will go to Bader who said that he never thought about not
taking the fight after learning that Rampage missed weight. 

My question is that after Bader heard Rampage mention that he got hurt in training
camp if this will change his game plan at all. I doubt it will since Bader will be
looking to take Rampage down and control the fight from the mat.