UFC 140 features a Light Heavyweight Championship bout in the main event, with reigning champion Jon Jones defending against former champ Lyoto Machida. Both are talented fighters with the potential to leave with the belt. Here’s how it will likely go down.

Jones will come at Machida very aggressively to start the fight and and try to dictate the pace. Jones’ ability to throw strikes from crazy and odd angles will definitely cause problems for Machida’s counter-striking style. The biggest obstacle that Machida will have to overcome will be the massive reach advantage that Jones possesses.

When it comes to size, strength and elusiveness, the edge goes to Machida. Look for Jones to clinch, wrestle and try to keep this fight on the ground. Machida however has very good take down defences. Machida is going to use his speed, unorthodox style and mixture of punches and kicks to try to knock out Jones.

Machida will frustrate Jones, as he does all his other opponents, and like a cobra will dive in and strike. He will continue to do this and drag Jones out into deeper water. Jones’ gas tank hasn’t really been tested much past the 3rd round, he simply goes in and wins all his fights quickly. Machida has shown his ability to last five rounds in the past.

All in all this is a very tough fight to call, the unpredictability of the opponents makes it difficult to pick a winner… however I’m picking Machida to win by knockout in the 4th.