Each and every time UFC holds an event, GuysNation.com is right here with the predictions for each and every single fight on the card.  We might not always use top tier logic to determine who we think is going to win, but lets be honest, there’s not always a ton of information available for guys who are fighting on the preliminary card for UFC pay per views.

If you take these picks to Las Vegas and throw money down using my logic, don’t call me up if they don’t pay out.  I don’t claim to be an expert, just an analyst who’s testing his skills at predicting outcomes.

Preliminary card

* Lightweight bout:
United States – Tyson Griffin vs. United States – Nik Lentz

Two young guys with plenty of experience.  Griffin has lost his past two fights, but both were to high quality opponents.  Lentz won his past two fights by decision against lesser opponents, so I’m predicting Griffin gets back on track.

Prediction: Tyson Griffin

* Lightweight bout:
England – Paul Kelly vs. United States – T.J. O’Brien

Paul Kelly has lost two of three, but T.J. O’Brien got knocked out in the first 20 seconds of his qualifying match to get a chance to be on the last edition of The Ultimate Fighter (Koscheck / GSP).  I’d like to predict that the fight-bookers in UFC have seen something in O’Brien which make them think he’s worthy of this spot, but I think he’s just a last minute fill-in for the original opponent, and the lights are going to be WAY too bright (figuratively) for O’Brien in this one.  If I lived near Vegas, I’d put  money down on this fight.

Prediction: Paul Kelly

* Lightweight bout:
Brazil – Edson Barboza vs. United States – Mike Lullo

Lullo has some decent submission skills, but I like the heavy hands of the Brazilian.

Prediction: Edson Barboza

* Welterweight bout:
Armenia – Karo Parisyan vs. United States – Dennis Hallman

Parisyan seems to only lose to top competition, and although Hallman was good in his prime, he seems way past it now.

Prediction: Karo Parisyan

And no, I didn’t make that prediction with any hopes of Parisyan appreciating the nod in his direction and finding a way to introduce me to his fellow Armenian Kim Kardashian.

Spike TV card

* Middleweight bout:
United States – Aaron Simpson vs. United States – Mark Muñoz

There’s no shame for Aaron Simpson to lose after two full rounds with Chris Leben, just as there’s nothing wrong with Munoz’s loss to Yushin Okami by split decision.  This prediction comes down to the fact that I’ve been really impressed by the fights I’ve seen from Mark Muñoz, whom I’m more familiar with than Aaron Simpson.

Prediction: Mark Muñoz

* Welterweight bout:
United States – Matt Brown vs. United States – Brian Foster

I’m a fan of both of these guys, but I think the difference will be the fact that Matt Brown is listed as expecting twins in October, 2010.  I’m sure his family probably found a way to shield him from sleepless nights and have allowed him to keep up his training, but he has to be thinking about his kids, which would make this a tough fight to fully prepare for.

Prediction: Brian Foster

Main card

* Lightweight bout:
Australia – George Sotiropoulos vs. United States – Joe Lauzon

Sotiropoulos hasn’t lost in 4 years – dating back to when he was DQ’ed against MMA legend Shinya Aoki.  As much as I like Joe Lauzon’s skills, I consider George Sotiropoulos to be near the top of that division.

Prediction: George Sotiropoulos

* Light Heavyweight bout:
United States – Phil Davis vs. United States – Tim Boetsch

Boetsch has a 4 fight win streak, including a decision victory in his UFC debut back in August.  Davis is 7-0 with victories in all three of his UFC fights.

Prediction: Phil Davis

* Middleweight bout:
United States – Gerald Harris vs. Brazil – Maiquel Falcão

No disrespect to Falcao, but if you’ve seen Gerald Harris fight, you know why I’m picking him.  By knockout.

Prediction: Gerald Harris

* Welterweight bout:
United States – Matt Hughes vs. United States – B.J. Penn

Were it not for the recent two Edgar / Penn fights, I would’ve predicted Penn to win the rubbermatch in the story between Penn and Hughes, but now the decision is a lot tougher.  I had thought that Matt Hughes was preparing for retirement, just like I thought it was a fluke that Penn lost to Edgar in the first fight.  I learned my lesson picking against Matt Hughes when he fought Renzo Gracie, and I won’t do that again.  Until Matt Hughes puts on a disappointing / underwhelming fight, I’ll stick with him – or at least until he fights someone who overwhelmingly impressed me with their last fight, which is not the case at all for BJ Penn.

Prediction: Matt Hughes

* Light Heavyweight bout:
United States – Quinton Jackson vs. Brazil – Lyoto Machida

For as much as I like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and would enjoy hanging out with him and having him as an MMA coach, Lyoto Machida is one of my favorite fighters in the sport right now.  If Rampage is able to catch up to Machida and use his strength, he could do some damage, but I just seem to think that Machida is going to be able to nullify all of that with the way he fights, and Lyoto’s going to put himself back into contention for a rematch for his Light Heavyweight Championship.

Prediction: Lyoto Machida

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