So I decided to buy the UFC Pay Per View. I really wanted to see BJ vs. Frankie the sequel, AND I’m really intrigued by James “Lights Out” Toney vs. Randy “The Natural Couture”. So I bought it on my laptop, and decided I may as well live blog it for GN.

Let me tell you I’m an MMA fan, but I doubt i’ll get all the spelling/moves right. For that I’d lean on the announcers so the spelling could be awful here and there.

I watched the Prelims too. Of note there? Joe Lauzon demolished Gabe Reutiger in front of his home town crowd.

Nate Diaz vs. Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis will lead things off. If the Irish Hand Grenade didn’t already win my heart with one of the greatest fight nicknames, EVER? He comes out to “Jump Around” by House of Pain.

Diaz has the height and reach advantage, and is younger. Marcus, at least from first looks, would have the strength/power advantage.

Here… We…GO!

First Round: They circle. Exchange jabs, and Diaz taunts. This pisses off Marcus who nails a nasty punch, stunning Diaz a little bit, the boston crowd loving it. Davis gets teh better of the first serious exchange, but comes out of it, bloody. A heavy “Diaz Sucks” chant from boston.

Good stand up so far, but the cut over Marcus’ right eye may be affecting his vision.

The cut over Marcus’ eye is NASTY. Gets a groan from teh crowd when they get a close up of it during the first break.

Oh god… the doctor does some extra inspection of the cut… if he stops this? Hell will break loose. Referee steps in and says he’s fine… Dr. seems to be okay with that second opinion.

Second Round:

Early on the “fixing of the cut” is no good. Blood is running down Davis’ face. They continue to stand up and exchange punches. Diaz is more active. Both guy’s are bloodied, as Nate’s cheek is red and bleeding. Marcus lands a big left. Pushes Nate up against the cage, and thinks better of taking him down. Marcus starts throwing leg kicks. Joe Rogan gets a chuckle from me by saying Davis’ face “looks like it went through a wood chipper”. My thought was it looked like the right side of his face ATE an irish hand grenade. Diaz tries for a late takedown. Good defense. The men exchange late take downs.

Marcus Davis’ right eye is a MESS. almost completely swelled shut. Referee actually tells him to try to protect it.

Third Round:

FInal Round. Start off standing. Crowd chants “lets go marcus”… they’d be better suited to chant “ice that eye”. Diaz looks more active, and energetic so far. Also, doesn’t want to get caught so isn’t as aggressive. Davis’ arms look heavy and slow. His eye continues to look like its straight out of a horror flick. Diaz takes Marcus down with 1:40 left. Diaz is working the eye. Nate locks in a guillotine. Marcus goes to sleep instead of tapping out.

Decision: Stoppage, by Choke. 4 minutes into the 3rd round.

Impressive performance by Nate Diaz.

Post Match: Nate Diaz says he thinks he broke his hand in the 2nd Round. Nate takes shots at the “wanna be’s” at 155 (He fought at 170 today) – taking a shot at Gray Maynard, who fights later tonight.

Gray Maynard vs. Kenny Florian

hype video: Greatest hits packages! Trash Talk! Announcer hyperbole!

Entrances: Gray is out first. He is “undefeated” in MMA. But tapped to Nate Diaz in The Ultimate Fighter (not an official loss).

K-Flo is next. Boston is loud, for MA’s own. He’s out to some Dropkick Murphy’s. Fitting entrance music for a show LIVE from Boston, and a “hometown” boy.

I didn’t know Kenny fought at 185 in his season of the Ultimate Fighter. This is a #1 Contendership fight for the 155 division. Winner of this will get the winner of BJ/Frankie later.

Florian has the height and reach advantage. Maynard is younger. Maynard gets thoroughly booed by Boston. Kenny gets roared for!


Round 1:

No glove tap. “Kenny” chants. 45 seconds of “feeling out”. Read: “Nothing happens”. Make that a minute. A few “pawing” punches. Head kick by Florian, doesn’t get all of it. Gray Maynard loses a point on my score card for the “tramp stamp”… just saying… and yes 2 minutes into the match if I’m analyzing ink? That’s commentary on the match so far. There is still some feeling out going on. Kenny nails a right. Can’t follow up. Maynard shoots going for a take down. Kenny sprawls. Up against the cage. Minute to go. Maynard slams Florian. Has him pinned up against the cage. Works some body shots. Not a whole lot of work happening. Maynard nails some right hands at the end of round. Maynard hits a hard right after the “air horn” … the crowd boos.

Round: 2
More tentativity (making up words is fun) to start the 2nd. Head kick from Florian is blocked. Maynard misses wild right. Maynard fact: college roommates with Rashaad Evans. Now you know. Another high kick eaten from Kenny eaten by Maynard’s arms. Kenny is working kicks, and trying to stay away from Maynard so he can’t get taken down. Gray shoots up against the cage. Tries to take Kenny down. Florian fights back to his feet. Gray sweeps a leg and goes into side control. Florian’s left eye/forehead is busted open. Big shots from Maynard from half guard. Kenny’s eye is bleeding more. Maynard stays on top, and works the body and wins another round.

Round 3:

Florian needs to come out strong. Florian shrugs as if to say “lets go”. Florian’s left eye is swollen. Florian with a kick. Follows with a superman punch that misses. Maynard shoots. Takes down Florian. Again up against the cage. Maynard winds up and nails some nasty punches. Maynard’s got a cut above his eye. Maynard nails a quick flurry of punches after the ref threatens to stand them up. Maynard is dominating Kenny. Florian gets back to his feet with 75 seconds to go. Maynard takes him back down. Kenny almost gets an omoplata (no idea how that’s spelled)… Fight ends. Crowd boos. Florian looks like a dude who KNOWS he lost.

Decision: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 winner by decision: Gray “The Bully” Maynard

Post Match: Maynard is happy to get a title shot. Gives props to Boston knowing he wasn’t the “Crowd favorite”. Hugs Joe Rogan… Rogan now needs to wash his shirt. Maynard does his pluggiest best saying he’s gonna have BUD LIGHT, some popcorn, and watch the main event to see who his opponent will be.

Hey New England Patriots and Chuck Liddel are in the crowd! Does Chuck have to buy a ticket?

UFC Pays the bils and hypes the next month to decade of UFC Cards…

The show is a sellout. I read something today saying tickets were available as recently as yesterday, but that they assumed the show would do a sellout. I will say from personal experience, a UFC show was too pricey in my humble opinion. Which is why I didn’t go when they came to Philly a year ago.

Next Up: Mario Miranda vs. Demian Maia fight at 185 (Current champion in this weight class is Anderson Silva… yeah would have been cool if I did this with the first 2 fights, but I just got the idea NOW)

DMX’s “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” explodes, and again… thanks to his musical choice I like Mario Miranda.

Both of these guys are BJJ Black Belts. Though the announcers say Maia’s BJJ is stronger. Normally I bet the guy who has BJJ attached to his name (though I don’t condone or endorse gambling, kids, don’t do what I do)

Maia is out. I don’t recognize the song he is walking out to. He’s a 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (the only time I’ll attempt to spell that) – time world champion

Height and Reach advantage goes to Mario.

Herb Dean is your referee. ANd I wonder if I can get a job as UFC Ring GIrl’s chair?


Round 1:

Come out swinging some kicks. Anderson Silva is actually in the corner of Mario Miranda. Demian takes him down. Goldberg says Maia is a wizard with his juijitsu (insert Hogwarts reference here). Demian has him down and works punches. He gets his back, and has roughly 1.5 “hooks” in. Tries to get that second hook in, and fully get Mario’s back. The “hooks” is closer to a body triangle. Maia ends up taking the back, almost gets a triangle choke, but Miranda escapes. They’re standing again. Exchange inside leg kicks. Standing intermission. As after 2 and a half minutes they decide to feel each other out… circle… throw an occasional kick.

I get a lesson in portuguese during the rest period. As the corner men instruct their fighters on what they want to see. A guy towels up some water, and we’re ready for round 2!

Round 2:

Nice knee to the body by Mario. Demian goes for a single. gets him down briefly, but in the scramble they end up standing up against the cage. Maia sweeps a leg. Gets in half guard. Is definitely controlling the action as he gets into side control peppering Miranda with punches. Full mount, but has to get Mario away from the cage. Hits a few close elbows. Starts landing a flurry of right hands. Demian continues to pound away and Mario is playing the role of “punching bag” very well. Maia is looking for the left arm, and locking in an arm bar. Plan B: back to the mount. Goes back looking for the arm bar, gets it partially locked, but Miranda gets out.

Lesson 2 in portuguese. I think I’m figuring this out. UFC’s version of “Rosetta Stone”. UFC cuts my lesson short and replays how Miranda escapes the potential armbar.

Round 3:

Take down. Demian has Miranda’s back, 29 seconds into the round… this round brought to you by “UH OH’s” – the breakfast of dudes who are about to lose. He’s trying to flatten Miranda out, and continuing to punish him with punches. Demian goes for another armbar, and Mario ends up reversing it. Both end up standing up with 2 minutes to go. Mario’s corner is shrieking. Mario looks gassed. Demian doesn’t look that much fresher. Full mount. punches to the rib cages. Maia still trying the arm bar. Does UFC have a 3 strikes rule? He gets it, and Miranda AGAIN escapes the arm bar. Crowd boos, but I thought this fight was solid, and action packed. It lacked crazy haymakers, but it was a pretty nice display, just wasn’t overly “exciting”.

Decision: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Demian Maia.

Mickey Ward, pro boxer and “Big Baby” Glen Davis in the house!

Hype Video for Toney/Couture. If you saw the countdown you saw the highlights for this.

James “Lights Out” Toney is out first. World Class boxer. World Class trash talker. 42 years old.

Apparently K-Mart now carries a UFC clothing/gear line called “sinister”. Toney and crew are rocking Sinister shirts with huge K-Mart logos. Which is one of the most main stream companies I’ve seen on an MMA guy. Toney is in the Octagon, bathing in the Boos from the Boston Crowd.

Toney isn’t in great shape… but he also isn’t in “Roy Nelson” shape either.

Randy Couture is coming out to an ovation… AND Van Halen. He’s 47, and is representing MMA in this Boxing vs. MMA clash. Couture was a Greco Roman alternate for the Olympics… which Olympics? the original one. (I keed, I keed.)

Tale of the Tape:

Toney is younger, and heavier. Couture is more experienced, has the wrestling and MMA background, taller and has the reach advantage.

EV. ERY.ONE! is on their feet.

Rogan and Goldberg sound like kids in a candy store.

Toney continues to get booed. Randy, cheered.


Round 1:

“Randy” chants to start. Circling. Randy shoots. Takes Toney down, insanely easily. Full Mount. Randy begins teeing off with lefts and rights and elbows. Toney works the body from the bottom. Crowd chanting “UFC”. Randy postures up and is dominating on the ground. Randy takes Toney to the cage and continues to make him his personal pinata. Randy has an arm triangle locked in. Randy keeps working it. And its OVER. Randy submits James Toney with an arm triangle. Total domination! Crowd loving it, again starts chanting “UFC”.

Decision: Winner by Tap Out, arm triangle, Randy “The Natural” Couture.

Post Match: Randy loves Boston. Boston loves Randy. Randy gives James credit, and the crowd gives James a hand. Joe congrats Randy on the win. Congrats him on his movie (Expendables playing in a theatre near you!) Randy agrees he’s had a great month. Toney says he got caught by a great fighter.

Shaq is there.. but i get a warning about rebroadcasting the show… I’m no PIrate, UFC! Well except when I’m on the high seas looking for booty and rum, but yeah… still not broadcasting your PPV, I’m not that savvy. Oh and Tom Brady is there too (insert Boo’s Here).

The arena playing “Sweet Caroline”, a Boston staple, as they’re talking post fight, and before they Main Event Hype Video.

Hype Video: BJ saying, “you politicked. You got lucky”. Frankie saying “nuh uh”.

Main Event: BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar (champion at 155) They will fight five 5 minute rounds.

BJ is out first. I think he’s gonna be confused when he gets to the Octagon and its empty. BJ looks focused and good. HAHA… BJ goes to the wrong corner. Can he make a great day for Hawaii (Little League World Series team made it to the championship game, and Shane Victorino had a nice game today too)?

Frankie is getting booed. Frankie is also skipping to the cage… (deducts a point from my score card)

Joe comments on a fight in the crowd… big surprise a NE crowd with a fight breaking out.

Tale of the Tape: BJ has the height and power advantage, and is a legend one of the pound for pound BEST fighters. Frankie has the reach advantage, and is younger and faster.


Herb Dean is our referee (I kept forgetting this for most of the other fights.)

Round 1:

Start out fast and furious. BJ nails a right hand, but Frankie quickly answers with a take down. BJ works from the bottom, and has Frankie’s left arm trapped. Frankie escapes, and we’re back standing. Jabs and circling. Frankie gets BJ up against the fence. Takes him down. BJ gets up, but Frankie drops him again with a slam. Damn Frankie is fast. “Lets go B.J.” chant from Boston. Leg kick by Frankie. Exchange punches. Penn trying to cut off the cage. Its like he’s chasing a rabbit around. Body kick by Edgar and a right hand by BJ to close out the first.

And… literally… AS I posted the last update? My feed froze. Not some pirated feed, mind you. I bought the Pay Per View through Yahoosports. So now I can get audio, and a still shot of whatever action was happening when I reload the page. I reloaded my browser. Rebooted my lap top. I tried some witchcraft. NOTHING. So this went from a nice live blog to a rant about some shitty service. In my mind I can’t even begin to think WHY this would happen. People jumping online and viewing just for the Main Events? So that their server ends up being unable to handle the added traffic?

I don’t know. But to anyone who was following this and reading? Thank, and I apologize. Hopefully I can follow up on this and find out what happened. There’s already been an email sent, but I’m pissed.

Oh, and from the audio, Frankie Edgar won 50-45, Unanimous Decision.