I’ve got a bit of stuff going on here right now, but I’ll do my best to get you some decent results written up.  Keep checking back for updates.  If you want to see how I fared at picking winners, check my UFC 114 Predictions.

Efrain Escudero defeats Dan Lauzon by unanimous decision.
Plenty of leg kicks in this one by Efrain.  A couple groin kicks, one each way if I recall correctly, and I believe Efrain was the only one penalized a point for it.  The Ultimate Fighter winner gets it done.  I’m still not a huge fan, but I suppose I’m forced to consider Efrain a contender if he start winning again.

Dong Hyun Kim defeats Richmond, VA’s own Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision
Want to see a fight where one of the fighters worked his gameplan to try to find a way to ensure he wins all three rounds?  Watch how the STILL undefeated Dong Hyun Kim does it in this fight.


If you don’t like fights which end in decision, you likely weren’t a huge fan of UFC 114 thus far.

John Hathaway defeats Diego Sanchez by Unanimous decision
Looks like Diego Sanchez is on the decline.  His next fight will be really important for him, otherwise he goes from being moments away from almost winning UFC gold to having a three-fight losing streak.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira defeats Jason Brilz by split decision
This one was a controverial decision.  While I guess I could see it going either way, analysts at BloodyElbow.com think it could’ve easily gone to Brilz.

Here we go, we finally got a knockout to keep this card interesting, and it’s not who you think.

Mike Russow defeats Todd Duffee by knockout in round 3
If anyone was going to win this by knockout, I figured it would be Todd Duffee.  The fact that Mike Russow lost the first round, took a beating, also lost the second round but wasn’t knocked out, it spoke well for his odds.

Michael Bisping defeats Dan Miller by unanimous decision
Who knows what would’ve happened had this one gone five rounds, but it didn’t, and even though they were mixing it up at the end, the 15 minutes were over, and Bisping was a 30-27 / 30-27 / 29-28 winner on the cards.

Ugh, another decision in the main event.

Rashad Evans defeats Quinton Rampage Jackson by unanimous decision
If there’s one thing I hate, it’s hearing two fighters talk about how they’re looking to knock each other out, for MONTHS they talk trash, including their time on shows like The Ultimate Fighter and UFC produced hype shows (on which, this week, Rashad Evans bought Rampage a Snuggie for when he knocks him out)… and then it ends in a decision.
Come on, seriously, give us another two rounds.  I want a knockout or submission, especially in big fights like these, ESPECIALLY when there are no title fights on the card.

Overall, underwhelmed.

One of the Preliminary fights better get Fight Of The Knight, or at least Russow v Duffee.  Something with a finish.