Doing some searing today, I found some interesting blogs that were done on the AOL site about the Redskins.

The first one is about a guy who I think is going to be a great Redskins player, Chris Horton.  The guy did a great job for the Skins two years ago, and he was hurt last year.  He gives me a lot of hope for the defense to stay good.  I like him better than Laron Landry and Reed Doughty.

The second blog is of the guy who is the next leader of this Redskins defense, a franchise guy in Brian Orakpo.  The Redskins would do well to draft guys like him, super talented and focused and motivated.  I guess that’s why he was so early in the draft.  Speaking of the draft, that’s exactly what Orakpo’s interview in this blog is all about, talking about some of the top guys in the draft, most of the guys he played with or against.