If there were a “Guys Hall of Fame”, I’d have to think that Evel Knievel would have quite a few supporters. No doubt about it, he’d be on the ballot, unless there’s something in his personal life of which I’m not aware that tarnishes his legacy. Regardless, Evel is one of the more notable stuntmen personalities of all time, and on Sunday night, Travis Pastrana honored Knievel by recreating some of his historic jumps.

A probable Guys Hall Of Famer in his own right, Travis Pastrana has built quite a resume as a driver. He has competed in Motocross, Monster Truck Freestyle, NASCAR, freeride mountain biking among other things, and given the variety and successes, it’s safe to say he’s one of the most accomplished drivers alive today.

But this isn’t about whether or not either of these guys belongs in a Guys Hall Of Fame, it’s all about how Travis Pastrana helped bring in some huge ratings to the History Channel on Sunday night by recreating history and surpassing it.

Travis Pastrana honors Evel Knievel by jumping 52 crushed cars at Caesars Palace

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