I started watching Top Shot last year during a marathon on the History Channel prior to the final two episodes.  I love the concept.  Who can compete the best with a wide variety of weapons from throwing knives to high powered weapons?  Two teams compete each week and the losing team has to send someone home.  The team picks two of the shooters to compete again and the loser of the competition goes home.  Once the two teams are whittled down, the show switches to an individual competition.  Last year’s finale was a combination of most of the other weapons that had been used during the season.

This year in the second season, the competition has been great.  The weapons have included throwing axes, the M1A rifle, Tommy Gun, compound bow and several pistols.   Competitors range from a Golf instructor, hunters, soldiers, and law enforcement.  Sometimes you think that there is a lock on who is going home, but the results don’t always work out like you think they will.  I thought for certain that the DHS Law Enforcement agent would kick the golf instructor’s butt in the shootout with a pistol; in the end, the golf instructor stayed.

I have to admit, the producers sometimes play with the footage to try and make it look like there is huge conflict going on in the house, but I just ignore all of that and get to the shooting.  Sometimes there is drama, but that is what the DVR is for.  I like being able to just ignore it all drama and talk and get to the coolest part of all, the shooting.

The other thing that really stands out in the show is the slow motion photography.  They slow down the camera so that you can actually see the bullet (or whatever projectile they are using) fly through the air.  They also slow down the impact shots to see whatever the projectile hits burst apart.  The history channel replays the episodes during the week, and I am certain that they will then replay all the episodes before the season finale.  This is another pick of mine for anyone interested in shooting sports to watch.  Oh, and yes, that is Colby of Survivor fame as the host.  He actually does a decent job.  The show is on Tuesday nights at 10pm on the History Channel.

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