This is a short follow up to my earlier article on Top Shot (on the History Channel).  So I will say right up front: SPOILER ALERT!!!  I am going to talk about the final four and the winner.  I am also still shocked about one challenge and one of the shooters surprised me more than I thought he could.

The final four came down to Chris (the outdoorsman) George (the sniper) Gunny (the pistol shooter) and Joe (all around shooter).  Joe was the first victim in a pistol shootout where the opponent could close your window at your targets by hitting a flip target, but he could reopen it by hitting the flip target again.

The final three did the bar like they did in Season 1.  They had weapons to choose from and all kinds of targets.  Gunny was safe first, scoring the most points, and then that is when I changed my mind about someone.  George, the most outspoken, cocky, sometimes jerk did something that impressed me more than I can say.  When asked what they would do with the money, George talked about buying guns and having fun; Chris and Brian talked about paying for their kids education.  George had to just get one point with two shots left and he set up the closest range with the biggest target and missed the shot, allowing Chris to tie it up.  The last shot Chris made with ease, leaving George to tie it up or be out.  George didn’t make the shot.  He hinted that it was more important for Chris to move on and how close the two had become; he never copped to throwing the challenge.  He showed more heart in that last episode than he did all season long.  He shot very well and had nothing left to prove.

So it came down to Chris and Gunny in the gauntlet that consisted of: throwing ax, compound bow,  44 mag, FN FAL on a wobbly stand, .22 long rifle, and the thousand yard shot with the Barrett.  Chris went ahead and then Gunny tied it up.  Gunny couldn’t get his last two targets down with the .22 so then Chris was on to the thousand yard shot and won the title: Top Shot.

He deserved to win it and I know it will help him with sending his kids to school.  I was pulling for him since he is all-around outdoorsman and former Marine.  It was a great series and lots of fun to watch.  Coming Soon: Top Shot 3.

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