On B.E.T. they’re doing lists of the top rappers, and the conversation went to Twitter where enough people wanted to voice their opinion that it became a trending topic across the country. Now we’re letting you vote on your top choices.

First, a sample of the conversation:

“Having Drake as one of the BET Top 10 Rappers after one album is like putting Blake Griffin in the NBA Hall of Fame after his rookie year.” – LeftSentThis

“If you think Lil B, Soulja Boy, Gucci Maine, or Waka Flocka are any of the Top 10 Rappers then you’re probably half deaf.. or just stupid” – TheMadea

“if your Top 10 Rappers of all time list doesnt include Nas or Big Pun, you need to go do some research” – Kizer_Flowzay

“How was @thegame and Andre3k not mentioned in the top 10 rappers? And @kanyewest as #3?? ” – MHaLLdAy

Now it’s time to vote, which you can do every 6 hours! If someone is left off the list, leave their name as a comment at the bottom of this article and check back later today to vote on the updated list!

Remember, you can come back and vote every 6 hours, and we encourage you to suggest who should be added to the list if we left someone off who you’d vote for!