For the first time since the event was created in 2004, TNA Wrestling produced its Turning Point event as a free show, breaking away from its typical pay per view status. Instead of typical segment-wise reviewing of what transpired, GuysNation has approached our wrestling columnist Graham for his thoughts on the event.

Did it feel weird watching Turning Point on regular television as compared to having it on pay per view like in past years?

Graham (GSM): I wouldn’t say it felt “weird”, but it was definitely something different. TNA has done this quite a bit in recent months with past pay-per-views (Destination X, Hardcore Justice, No Surrender), so this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It came off as a special event and the card certainly delivered, as most of their TV specials have as of late. 
Obviously this year’s installment was just a two-hour show and didn’t have a World Title match, but how would you say they did in making it feel like a big-time event, not just another edition of Impact?
GSM: I don’t think it needed a World title match to feel special. The two tournament matches as well as the awesome Career vs. Club match were more than enough. It didn’t feel like TNA’s biggest show of the year nor did it need to be, but it felt more special than any other edition of Impact. 
What was your favorite match on the card to watch?
GSM: My favorite match to watch was certainly Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in a Florida Death match. Their longtime feud is among my top favorites in TNA history and they just keep raising the bar every time they are in the ring together. The finish was a little lame, but the rest of the match was a lot of fun to watch unfold.
If you had to pick an MVP of the show, who would be your top three choices?
GSM: Mr. Anderson would certainly be at the top of the list, as he had a strong showing on this show. Not only did he finally put Aces and Eights to rest, but he cut a good promo earlier on in the night and debuted new attire as well, which was cool. Other competitors who had a good night included James Storm and Magnus.
Were there any things that happened on the show that surprised you?
GSM: Most of what we saw on the show was pretty predictable, but predictability isn’t always a bad thing. I didn’t expect Bad Influence to run Joesph Park off, as I was hoping to see Park finally reveal himself as Abyss, but that obviously didn’t happen. I was also surprised to see the seeds planted for a potential Storm vs. Gunner feud, which I am in full favor of considering I didn’t like their tag team at all.
Aside from a World Title match, is there anything the show lacked that you think they should’ve included?
GSM: Not really. I would say that they really filled out the card well and made up for the lack of a world title match. There was some filler, sure, but nothing too unbearable. I would have liked to see more feud progression from Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle, but I was fine with that feud taking the week off. Also, where was Sting?
For people who might not be familiar with the situation, what’s going on with “Joseph Parks vs Abyss” and how do you think they handled it on Turning Point?
GSM: For anyone living under a rock, Joesph Park is indeed Abyss, but they (as in only the commentators) pretend that they are the same person. I thought it was handled in a very strange manner on Turning Point. What is the point of keeping this asinine angle going so long? TNA, please stop insulting our intelligence and move on already.
In a semi-finals match for the vacant World Title, Magnus defeated Samoa Joe. Good decision or bad decision?
GSM: In my opinion, it was a good decision only because Magnus is my pick to win the whole tournament. He is the only individual in the tourney to have not won a world title, so giving him the strap only makes sense in my opinion. Joe has seemed to have let himself go recently, so I wouldn’t award him with a world title. I have been enjoying the aggression he has been showing lately in his promos.
How was that match?
GSM: The Falls Count Anywhere match between Magnus and Samoa Joe was good and I enjoyed the action, but they have had better matches in the past, more specifically at last year’s Turning Point event. The match simply didn’t click with the crowd and the finish with Magnus inadvertently sending Joe head first into a chair at ringside seemed to come out of nowhere. The other no disqualification matches on this show were just a bit better.
In the other semi-finals match, you saw Bobby Roode take on James Storm. Tell us how the stipulation got added to that match.
GSM: One night prior to Turning Point, Roode attacked Storm in a bar (in storyline, of course). This led to Storm getting infuriated and begging Dixie Carter for a Florida Death match against his former tag team partner. Dixie initially denied his request, but Storm threatened Carter with legal action, so Carter eventually gave into his demands.
Bobby Roode vs Magnus. When does that match take place, and is there any history between the two?
GSM: It was never established at Turning Point when the match between Magnus and Roode will be taking place, but it definitely won’t be on next week’s Thanksgiving show, as Roode will be leading a team of four men against Kurt Angle and three other men. I assume it will take at some point in the next few weeks, though.