Welcome to the fourth edition of TNA: The Good, The Bad, And The WTF?, the greatest TNA-centric wrestling column to grace GuysNation.com. What we intend to do here is not simply tell you what happens in TNA but using my 14 years of wrestling mega-fandom and my habit of over-analyzing things I am going to tell you simply what rocked about the programming and what stunk about it.

The highs and lows so you can judge for yourself if it’s all worth your time. Also as the ‘net-loving acronym in my title exclaims I’ll also highlight the segments and angles that make you go “Wait? Did I really just see that? Seriously?” Since we know you all want to know about last week before this week’s episode let’s dive right in!


Destination X is coming. Now normally this PPV is just another PPV. This year they are going to gimmick it up and make it an all X-Division PPV. So how do we start the serious build? By announcing the match that should be the main event if there is a God.

AJ Styles comes out and talks about how imporant the X-Division has been to TNA and to him as a TNA Original and thus one of the Founding Fathers of X. Samoa Joe comes out and says yeah all the founders did great but it was only when Joe entered TNA and destroyed the entire X-Division that folks started caring. But before we can get to fisticuffs out walks Christopher Daniels who points out he has just as much X Cred as both of them and the only thing that could lead this PPV: Daniels/Styles. Huge Pop from the crowd. AJ agrees and the two friends head off to the back as Samoa Joe looks pissed about being left out in the rain.

It’s okay Joe, at least TNA remembered to put you on the show this week. So yeah. Solid promo that educated new fans, great big match announced for the PPV withi threats of tweaking to come as Joe doesn’t take being overlooked kindly.

The Bad:

So you want a shot at a singles title? The World Title? Go Win A Tag Match! Seriously. This is the flaw with this BFG Series and most TNA things. This “anything can get points” thing is not only allowing them to build a singles contender through TAG VICTORIES but they are teasing a break-up of Beer Money which is beyond stupid as it’s a true home-grown team that the fans go crazy for. Oh and non-televised matches are being given points too. So it’s basically impossible to track this stuff for yourself to make sure they aren’t fudging the math. I’d blame Russo but it’s too easy. I blame Dixie Carter. It’s her wallet paying these schmucks.

The WTF?:

Crazy Sting! Yay Crazy Sting! Wait……. what? The super-experienced veteran whose already seen it all and stood above Sting is being crazy. The cool and calculating Man Called Sting is redoing his paint to show subtle reference to Heath Ledger Joker. A few years late but thanks for catching up!

Let me explain something. Sting should not be going coocoo for Cocoa Puffs because Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are naughty heels. First of all they are basing way too much of this off the WCW days and how Sting never got along with Eric back then. Make Your Own History TNA! Sting should never be the crazy guy, it’s not his style to be bouncing around the “Impact Zone” screaming and acting like a tool. Because that’s the thing about all this forced face painting and badly done promos. The only people liking it are the ones who would cheer if Sting took a dump in the middle of the ring. Which is basically what they did.

For reference assaulting Eric would have made you SOOOO much more money if you’d held out and done a PPV Stip where Sting wins a match and gets his hands on Eric. Because a straight beatdown of Eric Bischoff would sell PPVs.


And now your requisite eye candy. This little lady is Dixie Carter, the money behind TNA. So if you hate something about the promotion she’s the one you want to discipline for not being a better Vince McMahon, which isn’t that hard these days. Bad Dixie!