Hello everyone and welcome to my first Guysnation article. This was supposed to be up a while ago but due to circumstances beyond my control, it was not. But either way, here we go! I don’t fully keep up with TNA programming but I watch enough to know what’s going on. So, tonight I’m going to be reviewing TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV that just got over a few hours ago. I’ve been following the World of wrestling for 20 some odd years of my life and with TNA still being not even a decade old, there’s still way more room for improvement. But alas, I’m not here to bitch about the negative of TNA considering 90% of users here know I’m a devout fan of the WWE. So, let me get into it now.


The opening segment with Mr. Anderson was very well produced and I liked it. There’s something in the way the TNA does backstage stuff that I like. I think WWE has a too polished feeling when it comes to that type of stuff now a days. TNA does this very, very well.


This feud has been built up very nicely yet there was a lot more they could have done with it. The match was put on as best as they could. It was a nice choice for an opening match. I think it could have ended differently and that they could have had a bit more time but, I’m not the TNA booker, am I? For what it was though, it was decent. Mexican America retained their Championships in this one. And honestly, I like that.

Match Grade: I know Jesse is coming back from an injury but, I hate it when they put a belt on a returning star, TNA was awesome for this one and not doing it.

There’s another backstage segment with Jeff and Karen where they’re displeased with everything basically. Being in Philly, going against Hardy, blah, blah, blah.

Pre-Show Grading: I give this 3 out of 5. I like that TNA does this. Something that WWE has failed to do for the last few years. Their Pre-Shows don’t give you matches or anything like that. They give you Jack friggin’ Korpella. -_-….


Another thing that TNA does WAY better than WWE is their opening packages. Their videos are amazing. I love that they give history, promote matches and all the like. Their packages are always clean and great. A lot of times for me, they were the best parts of the show in the past. No pyro, right into Tenay and Tazz talking about the show and how great its going to be. We get the rundown of the event and it’s on from there. RIGHT TO THE POINT!!! That’s how I like it.


AMAZING MATCH IS AMAZING! I was floored by this one. These two guys are great performers and laid it all out tonight. I liked the way it was done. Nice moves, great crowd popping “wrestling”. They did their best to get the crowd pumped for the rest of the show and damnit, it was worth it. Aeries is still your Champion here and it’s a deserved win.

Match Grade: Aside from the minor hiccups in the match, it was definitely worth it. 4 out of 5 for this one.

We get a wonky backstage segment that was really not needed. Brooks was playing with Karen’s kids while wearing “tight clothing”. Karen is appald and yadda, yadda, yadda. It leads to Karen pulling out a ref shirt and that’s it… nothing was really needed from this segment. They should have just announced it when the match happened. Ugh.


Okay, so… I guess it means Ladders and Chairs are available throughout the match? Cool…. now, onto the match. The beginning was sloppy. Very sloppy. I felt that while they were beginning they were in the process of feeling each other out again. There was a good ECW chant going on and it was nostalgic for sure. But, TNA ruined that a while ago. Either way, as the match progressed, so did their moves and the fluidity of the match. They got more comfortable with each other again and did some great things with the chairs. Although there were a lot of “WTF?” moments, it was still solid. Rob Van Dam is your winner here.

Match Grade: I liked how at the end they hugged and showed respect. The match was iffy alot of the times. The good things they did, I don’t feel outweighed the bad. 2 1/2 out of 5 on this one.

A quick video of Dixie Carter arriving to the arena earlier is shown… okay then. Lets move on…

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Crimson VS. Samoa Joe VS. Matt Morgan

Alright… nice video package. Not a good match. This was a WWE Triple Threat at best. You all know how that goes. I like Crimson and Samoa Joe. I don’t like Morgan. This was a hard match to watch… there were a lot of botches it seemed things were miscued… I don’t know, it was just off. I REALLY wanted better for this match. I really did. They didn’t show up tonight. Just like the Phillies, they slept through this. Crimson wins this one.

Match Grade: I was nowhere near a fan of this. I give it 1 out of 5 basically because they showed up. Sorry.

Backstage stuff with Bully Ray being a heel. Screw Philly, he’s from New York. He’s used the fans for years… cheap heat…. whatever. Yup.


I liked how the cameras followed him into the arena where he was getting a lot of heat. Of course due to the pre-match promo. Mr. Anderson just runs in while getting a big pop and we’re ready to go. This match was good. Damn good. Definitely made up for the last one. There was a LOT of crowd interaction, signs being given, Bully on the Mic, just everything in general about the build up until the ending bell. Of course there were sloppy moments but, it’s bound to happen. Nice “Mic Check” through a table on the floor to end this on. Mr. Anderson is the victor!

Match Grade: I love this match. It was another solid outing for the show. Only one match has fluttered for me. (I’m including the Tag-Team Championship Match as well here.) Definitely say this was 3 1/2 out of 5

Another backstage segment. This time Eric is with his son, the referee and Eric tries to coax him into helping out “THEM” tonight saying Sting needs to be done completely. Taken out on a stretcher and all. After the segment, Tazz and Tenay act all shocked like that the ref is Bischoff’s son.

TNA KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Winter VS. Mickie James VS. Velvet Sky VS. Madison Rayne

Special Guest Referee: Karen Jarrett

The fans said it all in this one. Wow…. I used to like the Knockout Division. A lot. But my, my, my how it has fallen. Madison and Velvet are the highlights for me here… they’re my “favorites” ;). Other than that, there was nothing here that suited anyone. The match lasted WAY too long and there was confusion, bothced moves, it was all just so bad. The high point though is that Velvet Sky won this one and is the NEW Knockouts Champion.

Match Grade: No. Just no… I don’t even want to grade this one really. 1 out of 5. Reasons are already known to anyone with eyes.

Another backstage segment with Kaz talking to JB about Fortune and all that they’ve been through. How happy he is for Roode and how he just wants Styles and Daniels to put things behind them and he hopes after tonight they do. We are then treated to an AJ/Daniels package that tells the story of them and their history which obviously leads to the match.

“I QUIT” MATCH: AJ Styles VS. Christopher Daniels

What’s with the people in these matches tonight trying to get the upper hand by cheating before they get to the ring? You’d think Russo is booking every… oh, wait….

So, the match gets off good. There’s a lot of love from the Philly crowd on this one and many people obviously understand why. The match is good. NOWHERE near their best but, a fine showing. It ends when Styles goes to use a screwdriver that Daniels brought into the ring. Daniels quits and AJ Styles is the winner. After the match we see Daniels leave, AJ gets his hand raised and celebrates with the crowd and he goes up the ramp. Daniels comes back out and hits AJ from behind saying that AJ never won and WHO WON NOW? Yup.

Match Grade: So, this was a decent match. Nothing to truthfully write home about. I miss their old matches in all honesty. These guys used to tear the roof down but, not anymore. I’m thinking they shouldn’t be together anymore in matches after this. 2 1/2 out of 5 on this.

At this point Jarrett and Hardy were supposed to happen but it turned into a brawl and all that crap. The Philly fans didn’t like this one. It definitely went on for far too long for what it was. The trainers came out and they got more love than either Hardy or Jarrett did. As a segment, this kind of failed. Up next though we get… well, I still don’t know what the hell we got.


Um… it’s 2011 right? Right? 14 years after “STARRCADE 1997” this match happens again. Wow, has it really been that long? Oh well. Either way, this match was shit. What did we expect from it though? I honestly think we deserved a better match than this. It went into a weird development with Flair being out there in Hogan’s corner, yet, Bischoff came out too. The ref didn’t play ball and Bischoff hit his own son with a chair, Hogan and Sting teamed up and took out IMMORTAL and a whole bunch of WTF? happened. Sting won with one of the worst Deathlock’s ever.

Match Grade: Yeah. Nope… I have no words. I’ll give this 1/2 out of 5… I guess… for effort? And no, you didn’t misread. 1/2.

A great video package is shown for the next match. After the last two segmental debacles… we need something good to send the crowd home happy. This match is looking to deliver. Big time.


The crowd is with Roode tonight as the match starts off kind of slow with “The Basics Of Wrestling” being applied. As it continues, Angle shows his age a little bit against the younger guy but, that doesn’t slow down the build up here. Both men went at it and in all honesty, it was the best match of the night. Great false finishes, great ring presence, greatly performed. Yes, just like every other match on this card, there were bothces but, it didn’t matter. I was disappointed by how it ended with some controversy but, I guess it was needed. Kurt Angle is still your Champion. And with Hogan burying Roode a few days ago and with Angle being in Pennsylvania… did anyone TRULY believe in their heart of hearts that this would end how we wanted it to?

Match Grade: This was easily the best match of the night. 4 1/2 out of 5 for sure. I was pleased with how these guys handled themselves, both did a fine job carrying each other and that’s what you want out of a match. The pressure wa son both men in the match and it didn’t affect them. Bravo. Solid match indeed.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. There were some questionable moments but, what sometimes in TNA isn’t questionable? (THE ‘E has had many of them equally recently.) I honestly feel that this was one of TNA’s best PPV outings. I give the show a full on 3 1/2 out of 5. Thanks for reading and hopefully I get some comments on this one. 🙂