Well gentlemen its been about a week since I joined up here as part of the GuysNation.com staff and I’ve gotten used to the place well enough that its about time to start writing. No article is complete without a good beer in hand so lets get to it while its still cold!

Just wanted to explain how I’m going to be reviewing beers. Keep in mind these are all my views and everyone’s tastes are different and you might not agree with me.  I’ll be reviewing beers based on Appearance, Smell, Taste, and Mouthfeel. After I will give my overall input about the beer and any recommendations.

Tonights beer is Dogfish Head Brewery’s Palo Santo Marron. Palo Santo is a brown ale, aged with Palo Santo wood, hailing from Delaware. This monster weighs in at a hefty 12% alcohol! While brown ale’s aren’t my first choice in beers, one can’t be picky when presented with a hefty beer like this one.


Wow this puppy is dark. When poured into a tulip glass this beer has a very small head that actually holds for quite awhile before receding. When looking at the color it has more of the appearance of a stout than a brown, big points in that respect from me.

Talk about a dark brown



This is a very complex beer on the smell. I’m getting a lot of the wood coming through first followed by a few other smells. One big one is vanilla. Overall its pretty pleasant.



Ok this is a mammoth of a beer. I’ve had quite a few brews in my day and when it comes to browns this is by far and away the biggest. The wood comes through huuuuuuge and wont slow down. I get bits of vanilla and a hint of cherry along the way as well. My biggest knock on this is that the alcohol is not masked at all and still comes through strong.


Palo Santo’s carbonation is great even awhile after popping the cap. The drinkability isn’t too high because of how boozy it is. Given time this beer could age well and merry up into a much more drinkable beer.


This was an interesting beer to make my first review. I debated going small and doing a gateway beer for those readers who haven’t had the experience that I have… but then I said screw it. Go big or go home! This isn’t a beer for beginners so if you aren’t sure about it then I’d avoid it.

I’d like to thank Rob and GuysNation.com for giving me this chance! Look out for lots more in the future from me about today’s craft beer. If there is anything you’d like me to review please leave it in the comments!