On the February 17, 2011 episode of “The Office”, we finally got a full taste of Threat Level Midnight.  For years, we’ve had bits and pieces of Michael Scott’s action film epic appear in various forms on the show.  Whether it was the employees finding and reading a script left on a copier or Michael developing his “Michael Scarn” character through improv sessions at a local community center, we never got footage.

Not until last night.

And it was glorious.

Some reviewers of the episode were disappointed that the footage of Threat Level Midnight took up nearly all of the episode, but I couldn’t disagree more.  It was a milestone moment in the history of The Office which works quite nicely into the impending departure of Steve Carell and his iconic character.  The film itself deserves better than to just have a couple random clips in a five minute portion of the episode and a special feature on the season’s DVD.  It deserved to fill the majority of the episode.  Not only is it comedic gold and a long-standing storyline arc (it took Michael Scott 11 years of production to bring it to fictional fruition), but the show’s writers used the viewing of the film to help add more depth to Michael, Holly, their relationship and the rest of the employees as a whole.

I won’t share any of the videos available on the internet, as you can watch the full episode on NBC.com (while it lasts).  I will, however, share this fan made trailer which has indirect ties to what the actual film is about.

And to the creators of the fan made video, great job!


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