Here is the Box Office Top Ten for the weekend of September 24th through the 26th.

#10 – Inception ($1.2 million)

In its eleventh week, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller drops two spots.  It’s domestic gross hits $287 million, bringing its worldwide earnings to over $755 million, an astounding profit given the $150 million budget.

#9 – Takers ($1.7 million)

The heist flick Takers finds its intake (pardon the pun) cut nearly in half from last week’s earnings.  Its overall earnings domestically has reached a very respectable $54.9 million, and although its box office won’t probably double the $32 million it took to make this movie, that is a fairly good return on investment.

#8 – Alpha & Omega ($4.7 million)

In its second weekend, Alpha & Omega sees its earnings cut almost completely in half (it earned $9.2M in its opening weekend).  With a budget of $20, it will need 3 more weekends at this rate to break even domestically, having brought in $15.1 thus far in the U.S. (though it has $16.9 worldwide).

#7 – Resident Evil: Afterlife ($4.9 million)

After a hot debut, the real 3D installment of Resident Evil continues its slide, having dropped 60% over its first weekend, and now its weekly earnings are cut by more than half (with $27.7 in its opening weekend followed by $10.1 in its second weekend).   Although domestically this installment might not break even, the worldwide number ($155.2 M) might soon triple the film’s budget ($60 M).

#6 – Devil ($6.5 million)

Despite nearly a 50% drop at the box office this week (down from $12.6 M), Devil remains in the Top 10 and continues to build on its profitability, having already doubled its budget of $10 M, with earnings of $21.7 M domestic / $24 M worldwide.

#5 – You Again ($8.3 million)

The chick-flick with Kristen Bell and Odette Yustman opened far better than I thought it would.  Given movie box office trends, this film will finish its run just slightly below its break even point prior to hitting DVD with a budget of $20 M. {next weekend’s prediction: $4.7, followed by $2.4, $1, and then a couple of <$1 weekends}

#4 – Easy A ($10.7 million)

With decent reviews, the earnings from its debut weekend aren’t completely cut in half for the Emma Stone high school flick, though I doubt it’s going to have too much staying power.  The producers of the film are likely ecstatic, though, because it has already quadrupled its budget ($8 M), having earned $32.8 M domestically.

#3 – The Town ($16 million)

Facing two significant debuts (an Oliver Stone helmed sequel and a widely advertised animated kid’s flick), it’s not a surprise that The Town dropped into third place, but it’s holding strong, only decreasing about 33% of its earnings.  I’d predict this one will be in the Top 10 for at least another month, which the producers of the film should be loving, as it has already earned a return on investment of 133%, with a budget of $37 M and domestic earnings of $49 M.

#2 – Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole ($16.3 million)

Although the animated owl movie hit the #2 spot this week, it’s going to need to do well worldwide if they’re going to fully recoup its $100 M budget.  It’s getting good numbers at (7.2 rating) and decent numbers at Rotten Tomatoes (51% fresh, though 73% said they liked it).

#1 – Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps ($19 million)

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this Oliver Stone sequel hit the top spot.  The true test will be next week when we see how it drops off.  It cost almost twice as much money ($70 M) as The Town ($37 M) and had far more buzz given its predecessor.  Rotten Tomatoes has The Town at 94% Fresh, with 89% of audiences saying they liked it, compared to Wall Street: MNS with numbers of 55 and 57.

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