For the past dozen years, the X-Men franchise has equated to big bucks at the movie theater box office, regardless of the reviews the movies might get from critics.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was one such film that didn’t garner much praise from anyone, though its sequel is being anticipated just as heavily as other films about the characters. Adding to the anticipation is that various writers and directors have been attached to the project entitled THE WOLVERINE, only to leave for various reasons. Though filming hasn’t started, the film is set to be released Summer 2013, and production on some aspects of the film have already purportedly begun.

According to Screen Rant, a photo was taken of a teaser poster for THE WOLVERINE at the offices of director James Mangold.

The poster is simple, but it does seem to confirm the heavily rumored plot of the film, involving the Silver Samurai storyline arc written by Frank Miller in 1982 from the comics where Logan travels to Japan.

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