This is the start of what should hopefully be a fun part of the week, as we begin The Walking Dead Season 6 episode recaps. But not just ANY recaps, oh no! CaTFIsH is his name, and recapping episodes while in Full Zombie Make-Up is the game.

This episode features a review of the premier, “First Time Again”. In future installments, there will be a different Zombie Make-Up CaTFisH will do each week for his TWD Recap & Reviews. As will MANY more TWD related Videos, like Predictions, Q&As, difference from page to screen etc.


In addition to this series, The Greybeard will have Video Game content including the early days from the beginning of gaming to the latest titles available today. Live Streams, Reviews, First Plays, Playing games that we have not played in years, 2 player couch games just to name a few. Greybeard will also feature The Horror Hound Retro Horror Movie Review Show and The CaTFisH Corner with many more coming in the not so distant future, Remember to Subscribe, Thumbs up the vid and please stay tuned!


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