Cosplay has always been beautiful in it’s own way. And when Cosplayers realized that they can go from not just looking like their favorites but creating scenes to immortalize the whole thing…the world of Cosplay changed. Now Cosplayers are doubling as model and allowing Photographers and graphic designers to create real life fantasy scenes, once only seen in anime. One such photographer

Jack Nickelz: What got you started in photography?

White Specs Photography: This goes back quite some time ago when I started taking pictures with my point and shoot of my friend’s Cosplays, and they told me they were not very good. This motivated me to pursue improving my photography skills to prove to them that I can actually take a decent photo.

Jack Nickelz: What was your first photo shoot?

White Specs Photography: My first private photo shoot I think was not even Cosplay related, but was just doing it for a friend and her pet dog.

Jack Nickelz: How do you go about choosing which shoots to do? 10264594_641755532571746_547423386333778474_n

White Specs Photography: I choose shoots to do purely based on a Cosplayer and/or costume that person has and how attracted I am to it. A lot of times it starts out with the same thought that goes through my head when I see a Cosplayer’s costume lineup, “Oh I really want to shoot this costume”. Then it all goes on from there with me reaching out to that Cosplayer for a shoot.

Jack Nickelz: Are there Cosplayers that you really want to do a shoot with?

White Specs Photography: There are really long lists of Cosplayers I really want to work with and could go on forever. Many of them are from Asia like Spiral Cats, Aza, Tomia, Momo-ren, Angie, Ying Tze, Misa, and the list can go on.

Jack Nickelz: What have been some of your favorite shoots?

White Specs Photography: By far my favorite shoot has been my one shoot with Aza Miyuko in Thailand last year. We didn’t even have a proper shooting location, but being able to work with someone I had been a big fan, makes the shoot extra special to me and I was really glad that some of the photos came out well.

Jack Nickelz: Have you ever done any Cosplays yourself?

White Specs Photography: I started out as a Cosplayer before I went into Photography, but that was over a decade ago and I prefer not to let those photos surface again.

Jack Nickelz: Who have been some of your favorite Cosplayers to work with?

White Specs Photography: As mentioned before, Aza Miyuko is definitely among my favorite Cosplayer to work with. But also Tasha and Doremi from Spiral Cats has been some of my favorite too. I also found it really enjoyable to shoot with some of my close friends like Yashafluff, Mao Bao, and lot of other local Cosplayers around me.

Jack Nickelz: What type of set up do you work with?

White Specs Photography: I tend to heavily rely on flash and artificial light in terms of setup wise.


Jack Nickelz: What has been your hardest shoot to do?

White Specs Photography: I think the hardest shoot that I have done was working with Spiral Cats at Anime Expo this year. Not only was there not a lot of locations to shoot privately with them at the convention, their own personal photographer was there with them. So the pressure from producing excellent photos was tremendous.

Jack Nickelz: What is your favorite style to shoot?

White Specs Photography: My style of photography I feel is still morphing and changing ever so often, because I think I’m still in learning phase of trying to figure out a style for myself. But generally I really like working with colored lights and flash.


Jack Nickelz: Have you ever changed a shoot last minute?

White Specs Photography: I can’t remember changing shoot last minute, but definitely had lot of people changing shoots on me last minute due to costume issues.

Jack Nickelz: What are some of the complications that come with trying to get things together for a photo shoot?

White Specs Photography: Complications that come with getting shoots together can come from number of sources. Usually comes in the little details like having a certain prop can make or break a photo. Finding a suitable location for a shoot is another source. Or just timing of the day can be a factor.

Jack Nickelz: Well thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

White Specs Photography: I honestly started this page as a portfolio for my photography and didn’t expect people to come by. Thanks for all the support and to all the Cosplayers out there, please feel free to reach out to me too if you ever want a shoot

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