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I have been allowed to introduce to you a life changing column. A column that will give you the truth on things that you have always wondered about. Being a international, national and local playboy and man of mystery, I have been afford some experiences that lesser men might not get. but don’t worry…I don’t look down on you. Well, maybe only to lift you and a show you sights that sights have not yet seen. Welcome to the Ratings Boost.

Black Panther has always been a interesting piece of comic history for me. He has always been apart of big storylines and even had a big role in the second Ultimate Avengers’ DVD. But when it came to his own series and shows, things haven’t gone as expected. I compare Panther to Moon Knight…a great book and character to read but just hasn’t found their nitch.

I think I many have been one of the few that new he had a cartoon series that was out recently. Let alone that it was on BET. I most likely was one of the few that watched it and enjoyed it for what it was. A Black Panther show. The show explains the actual back story of the Black Panther as more of a symbol rather then just a man.

This is something that separates Panther from alot of heroes. If you ask me it is what made DC go with the whole Batman Corps angle that they are running. Anyway, when the series opens it is time to crown a new Black Panther. I won’t go too much into it, but i will say that it sets up a very interesting dynamic between key players in the series. Another thing that I marked out for in the series is they didn’t use a normal pick for a villain.

No, they dug into Marvels vast villain database and pulled out a villain that not only is rarely used but made perfect sense. The Klaw. Connecting Klaw’s past to that of Panther’s made it more then just good guy vs. bad guy, but saw a deeper twist to things. Especially when Klaw recruits a team to go after Panther.

Another thing that made me like the series is the fact that they touched on the relationship between Panther and Storm. Something that is shown alot in the comics. something else that they did was show USA’s interest in Panther’s country for the fact that they have never needed outside help for anything. their tech and medicine far beyond anyone else’s. This is all due to their massive supply of Vibranium. Vibranium – It a outer space material that crushed in Panther’s home and they have used it to make vast leaps in everything.

They also touched on Captain America’s first mission going into Panther’s kingdom. Which saw a inexperience Capt. get beaten by a more experienced Panther at the time. They also see why the US set Capt over and they behind the scenes reasons.

The only thing that may turn people away from the series is it’s Motion Comic style and look. not to say it is a motion comic, but the art style gives off that feel.

With that being said if you go into watching this series thinking you are about to see all your fav. Marvel heroes, you are wrong. This series is about getting to know Black Panther. And if you can get past the art, it does a good job at this. so if you want something to watch and you see it at a good price, I would grab it.

Black Panther Season One DVD : 4 out of 5

Well, that’s all for my first article…I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the ride.

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