Back with more gifts you can get your cool geek to make them happy.

Hemergency Survival Kit

comes in a black mesh dopp bag and contains 20 must-haves for busy men including a hair comb, dental floss, breath freshener, lip balm, deodorant wipes, nail clipper, mending kit, safety pin, extra buttons, lint remover, static remover, shoe shine wipes, stain remover, wrinkle remover, pain reliever, adhesive bandages, facial tissues, razor, shaving cream, and styptic pencil.


The Surf Chair


Transparent Pool Table


Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy

What better way to prove you are better then your friends in fantasy football.


VTM Spacester

Just picture whipping this down the road.


Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection

Sometimes the clothes do make the man

And these are some more things you can get your geek to put a smile on their face. Or use to bribe them to keep that embarrassing footage they have of you under wraps.. Enjoy and have fun. And until next time…

See You Later, Space Cowboy….