Movie bad asses have given all of us some fun with their antics and actions. This week, I wanted to show some of the movie bad asses that have brought joy to my heart and a kick to the nuts of all those who face them.

(In No Particular Order)

Frank Moses – R.E.D.
Straight from the pages of DC Comics’ R.E.D., Frank Moses is one retiree that you wouldn’t want to meet at the end of a bingo game…trust me.

Bryan Mills – Taken
You kidnap this man’s daughter you better pray that you disappear from earth before he gets you. Because if he gets you…you will not like it.

Zen – Chocolate
Getting your ass handed to you by a girl is one thing. Try explaining how you got your ass handed to you by a girl who is autistic. Her autistic skill is insane memory. for my comic book heads, think Taskmaster as a girl.

Jason Bourne – The Bourne Series
His memory is gone. He is a trained weapon that has been having flashbacks. No…it isn’t Wolverine, it’s Jason Bourne. A man who can punch, kick, shoot and use books to beat you into dust. How bad ass is that.

James Bond – 007 Series
As soon as Daniel Craig took over as James Bond, the bad ass factor jumped up a few points. If you don’t believe me, go a watch all the fight scene in his first movie as Bond. His scenes were gritty and believable. Craig’s bond looked like the bad asses they wanted to portray him as.

Now there are others that I could of added to the list and most likely well if I do a part two. Until then go and peep the flicks starring these badasses and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. And if you are disappointed… well, I heard that Justin Bieber has a movie out that you can go and get tickets to…

Signing out, Bishes….

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