Hello fans, once again this is Mr. Incredible…Guynation’s international jack of all trades. On January 5th, 2011 in the morning, 21-year-old model and adult actress Kimora Klein was in a multiple vehicle collision in a Miami, FL intersection. Her injuries include multiple hip, pelvic, jaw and rib fractures, perforated liver, and a punctured, collapsed lung.  Now after interviewing porn star, Sara Jay about the whole incident…I’ve finally able to get Kimora Klein to talk to Guynation. Of course we’ll cover her entry into the industry. But focus on the incident and the comeback she is making after some very extensive injuries. For those who may not be too familiar with you I just want to quickly talk about your career and then move on to the matter at hand if you don’t mind.

Thanks for taking time out to do this interview. I know that you have alot on your plate after everything that has happened. Now for those who may not be too familiar with you I just want to quickly talk about your career and then move on to the matter at hand if you don’t mind. So before we get into the meat of this interview, let’s get the fans familiar with you..

How long have you been in the adult film business?

Kimora Klein

Kimora Smiles

KimoraKlein: Since February ’09.

I heard that the first scene you did was with Bang Bros. How did that come about?

KimoraKlein: Well, I’m friends with this couple that have been in the industry since maybe 2007. The guy, Lee, was one of these talent scout dudes while his girlfriend, Sunshine, (who I’ve known since I was 12) did BTS and softcore extra work for Bang Bros. She did everything from setting up lights to playing the “bait” on the now (defunct?) gay site Bait Bus. I had just come back home to Miami after putting school in Chicago on hold when Sunshine told me that she was a few months pregnant. Lee admitted they were desperate for extra income and he told me he’d make a good amount if he sent a girl into Bang Bros. that they ended up shooting. I had already met some industry people that hung out at parties at Sunshine and Lee’s house, so I didn’t think it too terrible when Lee asked me if I would do a scene so he could make commission. I’ll admit that I’m a little bit of a push-over. I found out that everything was more regulated than I thought and said, “What the hell”.

Was it hard for you to do or was this something that you had been thinking about doing?

KimoraKlein: Not hard at all. I’m a very spur of the moment person. Like I said, the opportunity just presented itself.

What would you say is your big Porn skill? I mean you got the girls that are deep throat queens or that are flexible….how about you?

KimoraKlein: I had my tonsils and adenoids removed and was born without a gag reflex. I have Deep Throat Princess copy written.

Before everything were you planning on signing to any of the big porn companies out there?

KimoraKlein: Had no interest prior whatsoever.

Now if you don’t mind…what exactly happen?

KimoraKlein: In reference to the car accident? I don’t remember anything of the first two weeks after initially being admitted into the hospital. A witness said that I swerved to avoid a car in front of me and I hit a median with such force that it bounced me back across the highway into oncoming traffic where I was then T-boned by a van.

what were the extent of your injuries?

Kimora Hospital

KimoraKlein: HelpKimora.com says it best in a nutshell: “The impact broke several ribs, puncturing and collapsing a lung. The best news that we have received thus far was on January 15th, when she was reported to be breathing without the assistance of a ventilator, and that her breathing tubes would be removed. Her jaw, which suffered multiple fractures, was set surgically on the night of the accident, and is now wired shut.” And I also had an external fixator temporarily implanted in my bone coming out through my skin to reset my displaced left hip.

How has the rehab been going for you?

KimoraKlein: Fantastic, my therapists are super personable and really fucking good at what they’re doing. I’m called the “poster girl” at the rehab hospital. I go three times a week for 45-minute sessions.

Have they given you a time frame on when you will fully be back to normal if at all?

KimoraKlein: There really isn’t any kind of time frame you can give anyone with rehabilitation; it all depends on the person. I’ll probably never be 100% again, but I presume I’ll be back to living normally without the supervision of others hopefully by late fall…?

When you are healed up are you going to be getting right back into the business or will you slowly ease your way back in?

KimoraKlein: My bones and wounds are completely healed, now it’s just a matter of me being comfortable with basic physical activities. I won’t bother trying to fuck until I feel super comfortable walking and using my leg muscles to their fullest extent again. Don’t believe any rumors you hear about me being done in the industry… I was only getting started.

Now when all of this happened; Sara Jay was one of the people who stepped up to help you out. Can you tell us about that friendship and how it came about?

Kimora & Sara

KimoraKlein: Yeah, Sara’s a fantastic friend and was a fun roommate. We met over Twitter at first a few years ago and we met up at Exxxotica on Miami Beach when she was in town. Eventually after hanging out a couple more times (and then some, if you catch my drift) she asked me to live with her. We were roommates up until after the accident on account of I was in the hospital for about three months and unable to pay rent. Plus, the place has floating stairs which is just really dangerous for me at this point.

What other porn star or porn companies stepped up to help you out?

KimoraKlein: Sooo many, I’m sure I’m going to leave someone out if I were to attempt to name everyone. But there was a fundraiser that my friends had put together that took place at Miami Velvet earlier this month. Some of the people in attendance were Sara Jay, Angelina Castro, Karen Kougar, Ms. Marshae, Trina Michaels, Diamond Kitty, Holly Halston, and Josh Stone. Doc Johnson made a really generous donation. A ton of people helped promote it. Like I said, I’m probably forgetting people but I super-duper appreciate everyone that had anything to do with helping me out.

Are you surprised at the output of support that you have gotten?

KimoraKlein: I am. I’m not a very big name yet, and I know that. I think that maybe people can empathize because porn stars have no union or insurance, so the reality is that this can happen to any of us. I was really humbled when I first found out that so many people wanted to help.

How have things been with you and your family since the incident?

KimoraKlein: If I could give my mom the world for Mother’s Day, I would. I have the most amazing and supportive family ever. My mom lugged a little camping cot into every hospital room I stayed in from January 5th to March 11th and was pretty much inpatient with me. Despite my choices, my family remained deeply religious with me in the moments they thought I wasn’t going to make it and had full out services in the hospital. Since I had to move out of the apartment I was sharing with Sara Jay, I moved back in with my parents for safety and convenience. They’ve been nothing short of fantastic.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans and friends that have helped or who want to help?


KimoraKlein: To those that have helped in any which way: Thank you SO much. This is going to be a long, unpredictable road to recovery and you make it much less intimidating. To those who want to help: You can donate whatever amount you can afford on HelpKimora.com. The funds gathered are going toward food and my hospital bills that are going into the tens of thousands.

Has this incident changed your outlook on things?

KimoraKlein: Absolutely. Laying there in the hospital unable to move I had lots of time to think about everything. I’ve rehashed my short life over and over again — it’s really too deep to even start writing, haha. I would be completely at peace if I died tomorrow, honestly.

Strong words, Kimora…strong word. Let me thank you for giving us a little insight into what you are going through and the path you are taking back to your life. For those who may be interested in helping Kimora out please go to http://www.helpkimora.com/ . And for those would want to know more about her for want to keep in touch you can find her at http://twitter.com/KimoraKlein , http://www.kimoraklein.com/ , http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kimorakleinfans/ , http://www.onhercam.com/profile/kimora-klein or you can e-mail her at Kimora@KimoraKlien.com . Thanks for taking time to read about her story…

Kimora Bending

See ya later space cowboys!!!