Good evening WrestleManiacs! We are within the best week of the year for Wrestling fans. The card is set. Fans are in route. Dallas is about to suffer from the Mania of Wrestling that we all suffer from this time of year.

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So with that?  Its time to dive headlong into these matches and earn you a little extra cash to spend if you’re making the pilgrimage to Dallas!

So? Lets go.

Usos vs.Dudleys


A few months… weeks? Years… I really don’t know… Raws feel SO LONG. I just know the Dudleys have had an attitude change. They didn’t want to be known as a nostalgia act. They wanted to remind people they were NINE TIME WWE Tag Team Champs. So they put the tables away, and off they went. They mixed it up with the Uso’s who have kind of spun their wheels after a prolonged feud with the New Day that saw them come up short. This match is destined for the pre-show. Sorry Uce, that’s two straight Manias. Also… The “Roman-Heat” has rubbed off on Jey and Jimmy. They are regularly on the receiving end of some heavy boos. Dallas might not be “friendly confines”.

The Dudley Boys -210. There aren’t many good opponents lined up for The New Day. I also think the Dudleys are the lone team they currently have that can survive unseating the New Day. The pressure of following the WWE’s hottest act? Won’t be easy. So I can see this match catapulting Bubba and Devon.


The Usos: +300. There really isn’t much reason for them to win. They’re multiple time tag teams, and maybe they can end up going into a feud with another team like the League of Nations of Social Outcasts to help bolster the division.

BOOOOOO-So’s? Yes -4100. No +500.
Who Gets the Table FIRST: Jey -200. Jimmy -100. Devon +200. Bubba +600.


Divas Mess

Started with a whole lot of Total Divas cast not having a thing to do. Oh, and Lana. Lana decided to pick on Brie Bella. Lana ended up recruiting/teaming with Naomi, Tamina, and Summer. Recently adding Emma to make their five woman squad. Brie went Total Divas with her squad. Mattie. Paige. Alicia Fox, and then as the heels were working faces (oh… Total Divas are the good girls here… I guess.) – WHO should come to make the save?

Eva_Marie_bioMakes sense from a story and team aspect as she is a regular on Total Divas. If you watched Raw she got set up for the big “saving face” spot of their Raw match turned brawl. ONLY? She got booed out the building. So team Brie had their fifth! This match is on the pre-show and does a nice job, similar to the Andre Battle Royal, of getting most of the division in the match. Each team has 3-4 good, or better workers. I yearn to see a Lana and Eva Marie face off spot in this match just to SEE what happens with the crowd and ring work.


Team Lana -500. On top of possibly establishing Lana in the division? Those paying attention to Eva in NXT know she’s cultivated a heel persona built on smark hatred of her and her rather apparent lack of wrestling skill. I smell her turning on her team.


Total Brie-vas +400. Like I said above. Eva turn is super likely.

Eva turns on her team? yes -700. No +400. Let me Know i’ll be getting popcorn -47000
Over/Under 7 minutes 11 seconds.



Our Main Event of the Pre-SHOW! The third installment of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal! Twenty to Thirty Superstars (maybe even an NXT guy or two) will get out in front of the Dallas crowd and battle for a ginormous trophy. Previous winners: Big Show, WILL be in the Match! Cesaro, WON’T.


We’ll do to five favorites:

Mark Henry -300. Home state. Probably his last Mania. Maybe give him a nice send off.

Braun Strowman -250. They seem to love him. Protected him in the Raw Main Event with Ambrose (Which your humble author walked out on when he saw the writing on the wall for that). Big strong hoss they can try to build up and this could be a way to do that.

Kane -100. Similar reasoning to Mark Henry winning this year or Show last year.

Social Outcast. Even Money. MAYBE they team up and one of them gets a little rub out of this.

Sandow +510. A long shot, but screw it… I wanted to shout out one of my favorites who a year ago was one of the most over guys on the roster and has since? Faded away. #ThanksWWE

Over/Under 1.5 NXT roster members in the match.
Over/Under 2.5 “Legends” in the match.

phew… we’ve covered (what I’m assuming) is the pre-show, but as always CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS. I may be a handicapping hero (he’s not), but I’m damn sure not a TV Guide (see kids many moons ago you had to buy a weekly magazine that was a listing of all the week’s TV shows. *sigh* ask your parents… or grandparents.)


So at Fastlane New Day mixed it up with Edge and Christian in a moderately amusing interview segment. The League of Nation came out and interrupted. This set off a rivalry that has seen them involved in tag and single matches galore! They wrestled two title matches so THIS match is going to have both groups going full force and the titles will NOT be on the line. Which… I mean? Okay?


New Day -340. It being non-title SHOULD mean this would open the doors for the League of Nations to get a much needed win. They have been spinning their wheels (at best). But they have the New Day rolling and are just easing into a face run. I see a nice Wrestlemania moment for the New Day. They’ve earned it!


League of Nations: +200. NEED the win.. IF WWE wants to do anything with the quartet. Rumors have it that Barrett is on his way out. So? He can eat the pin, and maybe the other three turn on him and send him to lower mid card purgatory for the rest of his days under the WWE Banner.


How Great is New Day’s Entrance? AMAZING -200. Meh +450. OMG OMG OMG THEY GENETICALLY ENGINEERED UNICORNS!!!!! +5000.
Who gets pinned: Barrett -440. Rusev -310. Woods +100. Kofi +500.

US Title


Kalisto won the United States Championship from Alberto Del Rio, who won it clean from John Cena… Uh… yeah… just. like. THAT. Sadly the championship has backslid in importance and prestige. It had an amazing run with Cena. Del Rio winning it was a nice surprise with how it was done, and gave him some immediate gravitas… AND THEN?! Del Rio is stuck with the LoN. Kalisto is a nice story, but didn’t have THAT much momentum when he got this title. Ryback was also spinning his wheels (if you’ve read that a lot today? Its because that is what they’re doing with ALL their mid card talent. Deeper and more talented than ever? But very little intrigue, story telling, and the idea of momentum is laughable. Ryback ditched his RVD singlet. Went to black trunks and boots. People started up the Goldberg Chants. He also leaned back toward his “BIG GUY” bully heel character. This match is all about Ryback’s belief that even a GREAT little guy can’t beat a good Big Guy. So Ryback picks on Kalisto verbally. Kalisto fights some other “Big Guys” on the roster and wins… and the WORLD wonders why THIS match isn’t the one shoe horned with 7 guys and the IC title is a one on one?


Ryback -250. Makes sense to have him win. They’re establishing this character and getting behind him. Which is why he gets a primo one on one match. Kalisto isn’t doing much with that championship. Hopefully Ryback can.


Kalisto: +100. Wouldn’t be jaw dropping if he DID win. It’d fit the story. Give him a nice underdog win to hang his hat on. I just don’t see it.


Over/Under: 11 minutes. (please god… UNDER.)
Dallas chants which of these at Ryback First: Goldberg -200. CM Punk -100. Feed Me More +300.

IC title match


Kevin Owens won the Intercontinental Championship from the white hot Dean Ambrose who was getting World Title shots and starting a feud with Brock Lesnar. Owens promised this show would be KO-Mania. He’s continued to be one of the WWE’s best and most consistent performers. Having great matches with AJ Styles, Neville, Dolph Ziggler… etc… etc. A returning? re-debuting? Sami Zayn first eliminated Owens from the Royal Rumble and THEN saved Neville from an apron power bomb. Since? They’ve been all up in each other’s bidness going back to Owens’ debut in NXT. Miz and Ziggler both also wanted the IC title badly. Owens said a triple threat match would gives us the contender for HIS Intercontinental Championship… ONLY? The match he had made was Stardust vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara. #TrollOwensTroll. Well this blew up in his face. So NOW KO-Mania will be another Intercontinental Championship ladder match. A match that can and should be great. Still feels like they could have done more with Owens and the IC Title.


Kevin Owens -140. As the Prize Fighter has said, the IC title has not been successfully defended at Mania in something like 15 years. This is a PERFECT spot for it to happen and perfect guy and character to do it. Owens is the kind of character that would get MILES out of starting his career 3 or 4 and 0 at Mania.

Dolph Ziggler -100. Maybe they give DOlph a Wrestlemania moment. It could work.

The Miz +100. A slight underdog, but he’s been AWESOME (see what I did there?) the last few months. Him interjecting himself into the Jericho/Styles feud and now this? You can see his natural charisma and those mic skills. He could be a perfect heel IC Champion.


Over/Under 7.5 Ladders.
What’s Louder: Fight Owens Fight -250. Ole -100. Cody +100. WOO WOO WOO +140. CM Punk +500 (please don’t do this anymore, fans!)
Match MVP: Owens -310. Zayn -220. Sin Cara -50. Zack Ryder +WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT!

Okay. There you have it. The undercard’s betting lines have been established. Go out there and make that money, don’t let the money make ya! Till the next time (in a few days)… I’m Scott Hayes, you can follow me on Twitter @sirmhayesxiv! Happy Mania week!