As if the University of Oregon football team wasn’t already outdoing itself in the uniform department, here comes news of a massive, new football complex that will be built next to Autzen Stadium. The price tag? $68 million all donated by UO  ‘philantropist’ Phil Knight. The Nike man is at it again, adding another building to the already outregeously impressive collection of athletic facilities in Eugene.

Since this is Oregon and Phil Knight is involved you can imagine what this palace of football will look like, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had massive stone columns out front like some anicient Greek temple. Here are some of the highlights:

-Two buildings, linked by a double decker sky bridge
-130,000 total square feet
-A Duck football museum
-Conference rooms for both offense and defense
-Nine classrooms, each for a key position on the team
-Two movie theaters
-An advanced video editing and distribution center
-A White House-style ‘war room’
-An indsutrial sized kitchen
-150 seat dining hall with a private 50 seat dining room
-2000+ square foot player lounge and deck on the top floor
-124 climate-controlled lockers for football players, each with an iPod deck and charging station
-Showers with shampoo holders painted UO Green

The hot tub with a waterproof video center that was originally reported to be next to Chip Kelly’s office is now being said to be in the coaches’ locker room. Poor Chip.

Still, all I know is that when I have a baby boy, I’m training him from Day One to be a football star so he can go to Oregon.