I’m hearing reports that Cam Newton’s father isn’t in attendance for tonight’s National Championship game as Auburn takes on Oregon.  I don’t know whether he’s there or not, and I don’t believe he’s not there even if that’s what they’re telling me, he should be there. If the NCAA thinks Cecil Newton did something wrong and they want to punish him by not letting him be in attendance, they should do the same thing to Cam Newton, but they’re not going to do that because the NCAA is already deciding that they don’t want to punish high profile players for high profile games.  That Ohio State situation is a prime example of that.  And maybe the NCAA isn’t officially telling Cecil Newton not to be there, but maybe they just suggested it, which is just as bad!

I don’t care if the dad setup a huge payment from Auburn directly into a Swiss Bank Account that his son never knew about and used organized crime to broker the deals.  If you’re not going to say that Cecil Newton did something illegal that he should be in jail for, then he should definitely be at the National Championship Game to support his son!

In fact, if he did something illegal in brokering a deal for his son and got convicted of the crime and isn’t in jail yet, then I still think he should be able to be in attendance if his son Cam is allowed to play.  There’s very little chance that Cecil Newton did anything without his son being somewhat aware that something was going on.  Football players get a bad reputation for not being the smartest folks in school but it doesn’t take book smarts or hours and hours of studying to know when something fishy is going on with your future.  That doesn’t even bring up the fact that maybe college kids should get paid more than nothing for their efforts.

The fact that his dad wasn’t in attendance when Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy was a damn shame, just like what’s reportedly happening tonight.

When Cam Newton goes to the NFL he might go to several Pro Bowls and Super Bowls and championship games and Cecil Newton could be in the front row for each of those games, but there’s only one time that Cam Newton will get his Heisman Trophy or get the chance to compete for the National Championship.  Keeping his dad away from this game is like keeping Cecil Newton from Cam’s wedding day.

Unless Cam told his dad not to be there because he’s mad at him, Cecil should be there.  In fact, even if the quarterback is mad at his dad, Cecil should get to attend the game.  From this picture, I don’t think Cam is upset with his dad… but what do I know?  That’s just The Bud View. (Administrator edit:  Be sure to vote in the poll following the picture!)