I’m not going to sit here and bash on commercial breaks… well not ALL commercial breaks.  See, for years there has been a commercial break that chaps my ass more than any other commercial break, not just in televised sports, but in all of TV land.  More than the way they place commercials in LOST.

Let me set your scene.

Game is about to start.  Your team kicks off, and the offense takes the field… and this and the kickoff to the second half are the only kickoffs that aren’t immediately followed by a commercial.  So you team gets scorched in the opening drive. You want to see your offense get a chance to answer.  The opposing team  kicks.   Catch.  The kick returner gets to the twenty seven.  And you’re getting stoked to see your offense or defense take the field, which will happen…

after these words from our sponsors.  I hate-hate-hate-hate the commercial breaks after a kickoff.  I understand the business aspect, but in the college game you don’t have this.  There are plenty of places to get your commercials in.  Time outs.  Injuries.  Reviews.  It makes no sense from a football standpoint.  Its annoying from a fan standpoint.

A kickoff means someone scored.  And what happens after a score?  Commercials.   So then why do you come back, show the kick, and then bounce right back into a commercial break?

It just frustrates me, and breaks up the drama just a bit.  Again I point to the college game who doesn’t have the break, so its not a “let the players rest”, issue.  I point to adding in yet another place to get commercials on your television broadcast.  And like the NFL blacking out the game for markets who don’t sell out their teams home games, its a business decision.  And while merely just an annoyance, and maybe not even an annoyance to anyone other than me… I’d love to see the NFL tweak this rule so that after the kickoff we go right into the game like we do at the start of the 1st and 3rd quarters.

so… yeah…  *tosses 2 pennies*