Aside from whatever he did to get Maryse to fall for him, this might be the smartest thing The Miz has ever done. On the edition of MizTV following the Great Balls Of Fire event, The Miz called out several of the other competitors who lost matches the previous night, with one huge omission. Here’s the quote:

“A lot of people talk a good game. The Hardys said they’d win the tag team titles. Tozawa said he would dethrone Neville. Seth Rollins said he would expose Bray Wyatt for the fraud he is. But the only frauds I saw were The Hardy Boys, Tozawa, and Seth Freakin’ Rollins!  When they speak, it’s just noise. When I speak, I speak the truth!”

Notice anything there as The Miz was running through the other title matches from Great Balls Of Fire? There’s a huge omission there, and it was a smart one.

Samoa Joe

The Miz didn’t say anything about the fact that Samoa Joe failed to get the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar, and with good reason. The Miz doesn’t want any part of Samoa Joe.

Did you see the intensity with which Samoa Joe came at Brock Lesnar over the past month, including in their segment on RAW where Joe even stepped to Lesnar with the old “look at me when I’m talking to you” affront? You know The Miz did, and he’s smart not to try to get himself tangled up in all of that mess.

Sure, Seth Rollins is a great competitor and totally deserving of being one of the top guys in WWE, but he’s not scary like Samoa Joe. There’s reason the fans like to chant “Joe’s gonna KILL you!” to mock the opponents of The Samoan Submission Machine. Because Samoa Joe is a beast.

And I realize that The Miz is a “heel”, and all of the people he called out were “faces”, and it wouldn’t help him at all to call out Samoa Joe because Samoa Joe, to some degree, is also a heel. But it makes all the sense in the world that The Miz doesn’t want to get involved in all of that, because Samoa Joe would rip him limb from limb. The Miz is also not in a tag team, but he called out The Hardys. He’s also not a Cruiserweight, but he called out Tozawa.

The Miz left Samoa Joe out of his trash talk because Samoa Joe is a badass that The Miz can’t handle.