Summer blockbuster season may have ended, but that doesn’t mean big box office earners are done for the year. In its opening weekend in theaters, Matt Damon’s efforts helped earn THE MARTIAN a little over $54 M at the box office, dominating the competition. It is currently showing at the most theaters of any film in theaters this week, and this passed weekend it had the highest per-theater earning of any film.

Comparing its total earnings to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s THE WALK, which also opened this passed weekend, would be unfair. Ridley Scott’s THE MARTIAN is in 3831 theaters, and THE WALK is only in less than one-seventh the number, at 448. If you compare how much they earn per screen, often this sort of comparison is in favor of the movie in fewer theaters.

Not this time.

THE WALK earned about $3,400 per theater. THE MARTIAN earned $14,000 per theater.

THE MARTIAN didn’t just dominate THE WALK. Apart from the second place film, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 (which had $8,000 per-theater average), nothing else in the Top 20 earned over $5,000 per theater.

And by most accounts, it’s a good movie. A really good movie. On our cousin site, Half Popped Reviews, it’s currently at a 92% average, with 83% of viewers saying it’s a GREAT movie, and the other ~17% say it’s just REALLY GOOD.

If you are thinking about reading the book, I’d recommend that, too. I read The Martian, and it was really entertaining, but be prepared for a crazy amount of science… which you can probably skim over, but it’s certainly there.

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