The Everyday Chef Shows How to Fry Chicken

If you’re like me, taking a bucket of chicken to a picnic or sporting event (or even home for lunch on a Saturday) just feels awesome.  Relying on KFC, Popeyes, Roy Rogers or any other fast food place to do your chicken for you presents plenty of potential problems.

The fast food joints that do this don’t always get great chicken, though, so you’re often left with pieces of chicken which don’t have a lot of meat on them.

Sometimes you even have times where the oil used to fry the chicken had been there for a while or a different food left its own after-taste.

On some Saturdays, you might just feel like staying inside because of the heat and humidity, amount of gas in your car or even the need to do laundry.

The Everyday Chef helps solve that problem by helping show us how to fry up our own chicken.  As one of my close friends, I’ve had plenty-a-meal fixed by this guy, and trust me when I say he knows what he’s doing in the kitchen… and he makes it simple so just about anyone can do it without setting their kitchen on fire, and to good result, too.


Also, can you imagine how awesome you’ll seem to the opposite sex (or to the same sex, if that’s your preference) if you bring fried chicken to a picnic and you’re able to say YOU made it?  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Check out the video and you’ll see how quick and easy it is to make your own awesome fried chicken.