I am in a pick ’em League on yahoosports. I am currently sitting in 2nd place with a record of 57-33 and am 1 game out of first, but 5 “Confidence Points” out of first. Confidence points confuse you? You rank your picks and assign them points, depending on the number of games that week. A non bye week you’ll assign points from 1 to 16 for each game. But, for this? Lets just focus on the record: 57-33.

**edit** for the record I don’t do lines. This is strictly a “pick the winner” set up. So I don’t sweat the spreads.

Every Tuesday or Wednesday I make my picks. If need be, I’ll change a pick or two saturday or Sunday, but I’ve only done that on two different occassions. EVERYONE and their uncle releases picks on Friday. So I’m gonna start trying to beat the “Holiday Rush”, so to speak. Here’s hoping those in my pick ’em don’t read or find this, but if they do? They do… There is only so much they can do, and I’m gonna keep confidence points to myself… just… in… case.

Lets Look back before we look forward.

Last week: 10-4. I started off abysmally… Getting the first 4 games listed on Yahoo wrong. I had picked Chicago, Green Bay, San Diego, and Baltimore… big bucket of Fail. Then? My picks went 10-0 after that dreadful start. I tied for the best record of the week. Won confidence points by 9. Biggest surprise? How awful San Diego is. Seriously. Its just… wow…

This Week: 14 Games on the schedule. I’ll list the game. My Pick. And why.

Cincinatti @ Atlanta my pick: Cincinatti

Why? Coming off a bye week, Cincinatti’s offense finds its groove. Atlanta had a hard time with Eagle’s pass attack. Cincy poses more of the same problem.

Washington @ Chicago my Pick: Washington

Why? McNabb loves playing in his hometown. Always thrives in Chicago.

Philadelphia @ Tennessee my Pick: Philadelphia

Why? Possibly hurt Vince Young. Eagles Offense finding its groove. Add in the “homer” factor. No Brainer.

Jacksonville @ Kansas City my Pick: Kansas City

Why? Really good Defense. Improving offense. Seems to be this seasons “out of no where” success story. Also like the “mid-west” Patriots vibe going there.

Pittsburgh @ Miami my Pick: Pittsburgh

Why? Best team in the NFL in my opinion. You don’t pick against the best team in the NFL.

Cleveland @ New Orleans my pick: New Orleans

Why? That question is laughable in this instance. Just like you don’t pick against the BEST team in the NFL… you NEVER pick the worst. If they’re NOT the worst, they’re bottom 2.

St. Louis @ Tampa my pick: St. Louis

Why? Much improved. Young QB playing well, and figuring out the offense. Oh… and I have no faith in the Bucs.

San Francisco @ Carolina my pick: San Francisco

Why? Showed signs of life last week. Carolina changed QB’s… again… Panthers are a mess. 9ers start a “streak”.

Baltimore @ Buffalo my pick: Baltimore

Why? See: Browns comments. This team may be THE Skunk Box of the NFL.

Seattle @ Arizona my pick: Seattle

Why? Cuz someone has to win. Inconsistency here. I have to think Seattle’s defense continues to play well and stops the Cardinals. Plus they have “Beast mode” (Marshawn Lynch) … and can you really pick against Beast Mode? I know I can’t.

Oakland @ Denver my pick: Denver

Why? Denver my have to start Kyle Boller. Yes. THAT Kyle Boller. Yes, apparently he IS still in the NFL. No. I’m not joking. Yeah I thought he was in the UFL too.

New England @ San Diego my pick: New England

Why? San diego is a sinking ship. Norv is about to get in line for unemployment. Add in the fact that New England is just so damn consistent?

Minnesota @ Green Bay my pic: Bret Favre’s… oh wait that should be PICK: Minnesota

Why? Favre wanting to stick it to Green Bay… here’s hoping he didn’t send them pictures like he did the LAST and most news worthy thing he tried to “stick it to”. Plus… who thought Green Bay would be this inconsistent?

New York Giants @ Dallas my pick: New York

Why? Its a toss up to me. Dallas is desperate for a win, but can’t help but shoot themselves in the foot. So I’ll just lean on my Cowboy hate, and pick the Giants… though I hate them too.

Picks I feel best about: Baltimore and New Orleans are no brainers this week.

Picks I’m most likely to change (but probably won’t): Cincinatti, New York, St. Louis

If i change any of these picks I’ll add a comment saying so. If not? See you next week!