The Devil’s Advocate

So I’ve been kicking around an idea for a recurring piece. Something a little different. Something that can stir up controversy, and conversation alike. I’m calling this, “The Devil’s Advocate”. You all are, or should be, familiar with this term and what it means. But for the sake of anyone who might be panicking at the thought that they’re reading something along the lines of a Satan Worshipper’s Manifesto… (please put down the holy water… I assure you I don’t worship the lord of darkness)

What I’ll do is take a stance opposite of popular opinion. Make an argument where a majority of the people are standing on the other side of the fence. Hopefully this will be interesting for you (whoever/however many readers there are out there), and it will be a nice challenge for me… as, like with this first article, I will most likely be arguing against how I actually feel in a matter.

Also, while this intro to The Devil’s Advocate is sports related, the concept on the whole can adventure into whatever I feel like… and I like that freedom.

So without further ado? Please step foot into my lounge, try to watch out for the Hellfire and Brimstone, as I make my first attempt at being Guys Nation’s “Devil’s Advocate”.

Reggie Bush should STILL be the 2005 Heisman Trophy Winner.

Reggie Bush was voted the best Collegiate Football Player in 2005. The Heisman committee deemed it so by voting him as the winner over finalists like Vince Young, and Matt Leinart. He was spectacular. So spectacular people scoffed and jeered when the Houston Texans. Who had the #1 overall pick in the draft that spring, decided to avoid Reggie, and instead drafted Defensive end, Mario Williams. 5 years later? The texans were geniuses, but I’m not here to speak on Reggie’s Pro Career.

Just the simple fact that in the 2005 campaign he was a spectacular football player. One of the elite and most memorable of his era. His performances and highlights are the thing of legends. On the football field he was every bit a heisman trophy winner. He was exceptional.

The Heisman is an independent award that is the measure of the best football player. Its about what he did on the field. The Heisman is NOT an NCAA award. It is its own body. Governed by its own rules. Reggie and his family got money from representatives. A clear NCAA violation. The NCAA came down hard on USC for this and a few other violations. USC can’t go to a bowl game for 2 years. They lose scholarships.

If you’re wondering, how does that punish the guilty party? He is now a pariah at his own alma mater. Reports have surfaced that all reminders of reggie’s impressive 3 seasons as a Trojan have been all but wiped out.

An extreme example. OJ Simpsons stuff is still seen… maybe not as much of it, but its still there…

Both the NCAA and USC have punished Reggie. But the system is broken… last season a Georgia Bulldog autographed a game worn jersey and sold it for a thousand dollars to get some extra cash. How much did Georgia make on that jersey in bookstores? Its easy to just point the finger at the kid who took the money. Its easy to sit where we are and say “you don’t take the money…” But I’m getting off track.

The bottom line is Reggie Bush won an award that was predicated on his play on the field. Nothing else. It wasn’t “The Best guy in the History of Forever” award. Its not “NCAA’s Shining Example of Awesomeness” award. Its The Heisman Trophy. For the best player in the regular season… What he did didn’t gain him those yards. It didn’t help him catch a pass. It didn’t make him stronger, or faster.

Those screaming “he got caught”? Keep in mind the only reason he got caught is cuz the sleazy people that approached him… knowing THEY were doing something wrong, are mad cuz Reggie didn’t sign with them. He didn’t pay them back. So they decided to go to the media.

His name has been dragged through the mud. He can’t go back to his alma mater. His alma mater got the hammer dropped on them. Reggie Bush was punished. USC was punished. Sadly whoever gave him the money doesn’t lose a thing (a true crime)…

Reggie Bush, to me, is still the 2005 Heisman Trophy Winner, and he should STILL be the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner.