Knowyourcats recently posted some amazing shots from their experience from Paris’ Japan Expo. And I wanted to highlight some of the amazing Cosplays that I saw from their post.

Jak and Daxter

“Always a big fan of this game when I was young and I am very impressed with the detail that went into this Cosplay.”



“Here is a Cosplay from the ever popular Overwatch. A game that is spreading like wild fire with some amazing characters and this here is one of them.”


Storm Trooper

“I am a Star Wars fan. I have followed the series from beginning to end. So I expect no less from Cosplayers who choose to do someone from that franchise. This is another example of some great Cosplay work from the Japan Expo.”


Kaio Shin

“Anyone who is a Dragon Ball fan knows who this is. A pretty much on point representation in this Cosplay. For those who may not know who he is, go watch the series and get in touch.”

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