Boys and Girls, its time to grab your pens, pencils, fake helmets and whatever else you need to get yourself in that mindset. Get your theme music going, get some Madden playing, whatever you need. Its football time. Week three of the preseason is nearly over, now its time for most professional leagues to get into drafting. I personally don’t have my main draft until next Sunday, but I’m again this year going to go with answering any questions anyone here at has towards fantasy football. If you have some questions, please leave comments on here and I will try to answer them for you. Before i run out, I am leaving some sleepers to keep your eyes on before the season kicks off.

Sleepers In This Years Drafts:
Laurence Maroney – First round pick a few years ago, but injuries to himself has limited his production. He could be in line for his first 1000 yard season if Head Coach “Darth Hoodie” doesn’t go all pass happy this year. I would take him as a backup to solid running backs like Ray Rice and Steven Jackson.

C.J. Spiller – Coming off a two TD performance against the Bengals in wk3 of preseason, Spiller looks well in a Buffalo uni this year. With captain check-down (Trent Edwards) in line to get the starting nod going into week one, Spiller could see a lot of short passes, so if you are in a PPR league this could benefit you greatly. Preseason injuries to Fast Freddie Jackson and Lynch have paved the way for Spiller to get a lot of time with the first team offense and learn the system in Buffalo. I’m not going to go and say that Spiller will help the Bills win tons of games, but he could help your fantasy team win a few, and that is all that matters right?

Arian Foster – I hear you, who? Well then your not paying attention. If you go and look at your store bought mag, your going to see Ben Tate is the guy to own in Houston, but he fractured his ankle, and if Houston wants a game changing fumble, they will turn to former starter Steve Slaton. Houston is a juggernaut of offense and any successful team needs to own a piece of them. Make this your piece and it may end up being a glorious week 15 for you.

Those are my 3 sleepers for week 3, ill be posting up next Sunday-Monday and sharing with you guys my draft results, and looking for your feedback. Enjoy and good luck to you, bring the questions on!