Sure, The United States Of America is a great place to live – perhaps the greatest. But on the occasion of Canadian Thanksgiving (the second Monday of October), let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the great stuff that we should be thankful to Canada for providing.


The Back To The Future trilogy wouldn’t have been half as entertaining without Canada’s own Michael J Fox! (They tried, then re-cast after Eric Stoltz wasn’t cutting it!)

Dan Aykroyd & Ivan Reitman have created some great movie moments, and their work on Ghostbusters helps make it one of the best films of all time.

They both made a couple movies along the way which should probably be avoided, but Jim Carrey and Mike Myers was a comedy staple of the 90s!


A few seasons were rough, but Saturday Night Live should be considered among the funniest shows of all time, and Lorne Michaels should get serious credit for what he has done at its helm!

What would the history of comedy be without Leslie Nielson?

On a more serious note, whether you can take him serious or not, William Shatner did a great job of helping make Star Trek iconic.

Getting even more serious, Kiefer Sutherland and his father Donald Sutherland have some great moments in television and film to their credits.


Lovely ladies? If you were a guy in the 90s over the age of 12, you know all about Pam Anderson and the wonderful way she ran on Baywatch.

And if you prefer your lovely ladies to be good actors, Rachel McAdams is probably more your speed.

Whether it was Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr, or Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, we didn’t just get the great sport of hockey from Canada, but they gave us some great players to watch in awe as well.

Although hockey is clearly the top sport in Canada, the inventor of basketball – James Naismith – was born and educated in what is now Ontario and Quebec.

The game of answers and questions benefits so significantly from its once-moustached host that no other quiz show has captured the attention of the public since its debut. Alex Trebek IS Jeopardy!

The co-creators of Trivial Pursuit, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, were both from Ontario.


Don Cherry might not be your favorite sports commentator, but his eye-popping outfits are near unbelievable fashion statements that even guys have to be entertained by.

The sport of professional wrestling would not be the same without the significant Canadian influence. Whether it’s the Hart Family, Chris Jericho, or the countless competitors they inspired or promoters they helped make believers in certain styles of wrestling, their impact is immeasurable.